If Roswell never happened


On one night lighting strikes a farm in Roswell, New Mexico. Nearby at an Army base radars picks up a heat source and compasses go haywire. No explanationis explained. The next night Soviet forces spot a flying saucer flying near it's bases.

Soviet spacecraft again dectet two flying saucers and and the Red Air Force down one in the Ukrane. Intergations report that they're the scouts for an future colonzation of unused Earth Territory. The GRU reports back to Kruschev this imformation and say they have good reason to belive that this may include Siberia and an invasion of the Rodina (motherland).

For the next Seven years UFO sightings increase readily as do tensions between the Soviet Union and America as Amerircas statilites see Red Forces mobilizing.

1961 John F Kennedy is elected president.

A Large Spacecradt arrives over Earth and annouces it's tenisons to colinzie Earth and means not harm. It also anouces all presant Nations may retain the Induvidilsim. Ten Smaller spacecraft break away form the mother ship ,which are latter determined to be the induvidul coloinztion ship, and comince down to orbit. As one strays over Kazhaicstan, USSR Kruchev thinking it's the begginning of an attac starts lauching ICBM's an in orginzed attack. He manages to take down six of the ships. America seeing the missiles being launched thinks the Soviets are attacking them and lauches an attack on the Soviet Union. This contiues for about two hours. Onces it's done over half a million people are dead, not including the later affects. The aliens are shocked at such aggressevness and procced to virtully eraticate all whats left of the Soviets and Americans but keeping their promise of not harming any other countrys. They inform the people of Earth that Americans and Soviets unlike other races were naturlyy agressave and must be elimenated for the safty of them and human kind.

1967 - The Chinese getting frigtned of the ALiens growing presance in Siberia extractings it's valuble minerles, launches a gurrila attack on the bases. The aliens respon by starting a war with the People's Republic of China which goes on for two more years resulting in a truce.

1980 Most countrys have started to become a type of commonswelth to the aliens empire which in English is the Oahann Empire. The younger genration takes the ailiens for granted although a lot of Europeens have grudges against them for what they did to the former two superpowers.

1983- Iran which is now a very powerful country having most control over the Aribic nations, Turkey, and Eygpt and starts a Hitler type campaign against Jews and Americans and Soviets.

1995 - The aliens start bringing in incresingly number of ships and millitarty supplys and intilligence revels that Earth was a millitary base to help protect in an invasion of their homeland.

November 29, 1996 - People on Earth wake up that morning to see numerous flashes go off in the sky as it turns out theres a battle between the Oahhann and the other alien race. Nobyodys sure who won but the next month numerous of humans start to get sick.

1999- As it appears the aliens have left Earth the Oahanns come with a large ship and nuke severel of their instilations belived to prevent letting the other aliens get their hands on their technology.

2010 - Over the past fiftenn years the populations dropped from 5.5 Billion people to 1.6 billion with incresing cases of Cancer, Leukima and a new type of virus (click here to see the virus in greater detail.) dubbed the Red Plauge. With in ninty-nine years all humans are extinct.

3.4 Billion years from now. A bipedial animal with aposeble thumbs that much resembles a frog starts hitting a piece of steel and flint together . . .

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