Bˇg UratowaŠ Polska

During the begging of the Protstant Reformation the Pope orders Poland to take over Prussia and reinstall Cathalisim.

1516 Poland succesfully takes over Prussian and the begging of the Roman Cathlic Reformation is crushed.

1540 Poland send a young Frenchman named Jeffery Greff on a misson to explore the new world

1542 John Greff lands in what is presentday Massachusetts and claims it for the Polish Empure.

1548 Poland joins in an allaince with Lithuania

1553 Poland sends an second expediton to America this time landing int Nova Scotian. The Crew realising that on their landing claim all land south from Nova Scotia to Massachussets Polish.

1557 France invade England seeing all the unrest in the isles.

1570 The Polish alliance invades and succesfully takes what is moderen Belurus and south to Kiev.

1580 France finshes it's take over the Britsh isles.

1601 France sends it's first expediton to the Americas which land in Moeren Qubec.

1610 Spain starts it's first colony in Spain

1620 THe Polish-Lituanian alliance declare war on France and SPain seeing the threat to their exploration in the new world by England.

1622 THe First Polish colony is started named New Crakcow (present day New York)

1629 THe infamous Spanish Aramada comes to invade American but is defeated by the small and fast Polish-Lithuanian fleet.

1675 By this time Poland has possesion of the British Isles, and in the new world everything east of the mississippi reiver, and south all the way to Georgia, while France owns Moderen day Flordia and averything west of the mississippi river, while Spain owns everthin south of the Rio Grande and Russia owns Hawaii and Alaska

1701 Poland and Lithuania officaly merge together taking the name the Polish Empire.

1720 The Infamous Pulski Witchcraft trials take place where 20 men, women, and children are killed by being convicted of being witches.

1768 Poland declares war on the Russian Empire and starts the Seven Year war.

1775 The Seven Years war ends in with Poland taking the Ukraine all territory ,west of Moscow including Petrograd (St. Petersburg)But all is not well for unreast increases among the American Colonist who's taxes have been raised.

1781 The Thirteen American Colinest declare there Independence from Poland Side. The Commander in cheif is Gerick Zdwanzka. America is the first Democracy. Side Note (Georgia Virgina NC, SC,MD, DL are mainly Prussian while The Northern colonys are mainly Polish and Lituanian)

1784 After the American Victory at the Battle of New Warsaw (Moderen day Trenton) France, Spain, Holland, and Russia declare war on Poland.

1790 THe American colinest gain there indpendece where Poland will officaly recognise The United States of America, cede all territory east of the Mississippi to the US, and grant fishing rights on the banks of Nova Scotia.

1806 Russia and Poland make a temporary alliance and help push French Napolian back into France.

1811 The War of 1811 occurs when the US declares war on France after the French start siezing their solders and captruing sailors.

1826 Mexico breaks away from Spain.

1836 Texas breaks away from Mexico

1849 - 1851 The Mexican - American war occurs when Congress grants Texas statehood.

1870-1874 THe American Civil Waroccurs in the US between the South(Prussians) and North(Poles). In the war Poland supports the north.

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