The Iron Fist of Molotov

In 1949 around when Josef Stalen started to become disatisfied and untrusting of his next in line Foriegn Comishoner Vyacheslav Molotov, He had a sudden heart attack, and died soon after. Vyacheslav Molotov, soon became the Generel Secutary of the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics.

Because of the great fear of Molotov, he finds it hard to mantain control, and has great many enemys with his hardlinned Comunist Plans. In 1954 Beria, (Leader of the NKVD) declares that Molotov has betrayed the pepole of the Soviet Union and Marxest-Lenninst ideals and attempts a coup. Molotov flees from Moscow to Krasnograd prtected by the Red Army and Navy. They sussecfully manage killing Beria and the NKVD is siccontinued and new officers are formed into the new NKGB. In the meantime the NKVD errupts into a civil war with half offefers loyal to Beria and half loyal to Molotov. Taking advantage of this up rising, in 55' A group calling themselfs the white guard form trying to take Russia back to the days of the Czar, and a Balkan gorup forms trying to install democract in the Balkan states claming that Molotov is no different then Stalin having a great many purges. (THis is later determined to be true and the count to be a 70,000. Unlike Stalin, Molotov was more discreet). After three years in 1958 Molotov declares that the rebels have been put down and the kept less quiet is that the NKVD has been relpaced by the NKGB. By this time America is way ahead of The SOviet Union in the space race and arms race, and Molotov has lost much loyalty in the ranks of the Red Army. On July 7, 1958, Molotov on his walk to breakfast drops a pin when he rises he's greeted by a bullit in the head. He dies instantly. By noon a dark Hoarse Kruschev declares himself General Secutary and denouces what he call Stalinzation. He rapidly promotes A stronger millitary and promotes the space race. In In 1960 the Communist in China are all but destroyed,and the nationals keep their control over China. In 1964 The USSR essentyly go broke, and a young man name Mikhail Fredikvitch Grushin who's a strong supporter of deomcracy surrounds the Kremlen with tanks and in a historical picture of him on a tank demands for Kruschev to resign and let Grushin start a Democratic goverment. Krushcev responds with the Red Army reluctanly firing on Grushins tanks. Half of the Army defects. Kruchev acdently gets shot in the chest by a stray bullet on visiting troops. The next General Secutery resigns and before that deassemble the Soviet Union and annouces Grushin to be his predacessor. Grushin takes over and goes through dramatic reforms from Communism to Capitlazation. Grushin barly gets enough votes to be elected in 1968. In 1972 Burain Dmitrivitch Roovyeplad is elected President. Roovyeplad's stern polocy soon enough is the start of a path back to tolitarimism. By 1988 A man named Boris Yelsten, a czarist is elected president. Yelsten annouces himself Czar of all of Russia. Most Russian find this new goverment very satisfying and the economy starts. to improve. In 1998 Czar Boris gets very secret and dies after a few months. His daughter becomes the next Car and continues to this day.

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