If Lincoln wasn't elected President . . .

May The Republicans nominate Abraham Lincoln to run for president

June Following a walckout by southern delagates, the Democrats chose Stephen Douglas to run for Presdident. The southren democrats who left the convention then select John C. Breckinridge of Kentucky on a platform calling for the protection of slavery. During the campaign that follows, Southerners make it clear that they will secede if elected.

July - Lincoln because of his wife's insainity is caught of "fooling around" with several Black whores. Enraged of this fact part of the Republicans break away and form the Reform Party. The new Reform Party votes on having New York Senetor William H. Seward, who although he's anti-slavery says that he can look past his views unlike Lincoln and see what's best for the country and econmy. He also favors expansion.

November 6 - After Seward being tied with Douglus at 142 electorial votes each, the suspense is broken when the last state, Oregans, votes come in giving Seward three more votes.

December 3 - With South Carolina still looking like it might succede, the only state by the way, President Bunchman urges them and all other states not to break away for if they do the band that holds the great union will break and will bring war and tyranny for decades to come.

December 20 - South Carolina does seccede and forms the Republic of South Carolina.

January 8 - Bombardment of Fort Sumter begains.

1-9 President Buchman urges Alabama not to seccede at least not intill the new Presdent is inaugerated.

1-22 Colonel Lee is promoted and givin controll over the forces at Fort Sumpter

Febuary 4 Gen. Lee destroys the batterys on the Charsilton shore, and starts moving troops over on to land. The Battle of Charleston begains.

Feb. 11 Lee captures Charleston.

Feb. 19 Another new General, Gen. McClean is givin control of the Army of Carolina and begains moving into South Carolina from Charlette.

March 1 McClean reaches Rockhill, S. Carolina.

March 3 After captruing some Carolianan orders Mclean susscfully takes RockHill, but being cautious he does not prosue the Retreating Army which would give him the chance to Defeat S. Carolina.

March 15 Gen. Lee catures Columbia.

April 2 Mcleen is replaced with Genral Grant.

April 25 In President Sewards State of the Union Address he annouces that as we have seen if we continue trying to get abolish slavery will have more disaters like South Carolina and since this great Union is a democracy the citizens should choose wether they're slave or free and keep the even balance together. Also I'm sure when the Great Presdient Jefferson said from sea to shineing sea he didn't mean just the Pacific and the Atlantic for my Fellow Americans we're obviously much greater ten that and deserve to have a port on every ocean, and a state on every contineny.

May 4 Grant troops meet with Lee's and devide South Carolina in half.

May 26 South Carolian surrneders and and agrees to rejoin the union.

June - Much to great dismay of the British. Washington join the Union.

Semptember - The British Ambassodor contacts Seward saying, "That you better make your citizens start paying are duty taxes at Victoria Island because against what American Newspapers may have you think it's part of Her Majisty goverment and Brition isn't the best country to be enemys with."

November - The Washington Senetors and Govoner cry in an outrage claming that Victoria Island by treaty is theres.

January 1862 Seward contacts the Spanish goverment about puchising Cuba. The Spanish decline.

Febuary 8 - The British capture Boston.

Feb. 10 US congress declares war on England

Feb 18 Seward creates the army of Canada. General Lee is given charge of the army.

March 11 The army of Canada moves out of Bufflo and presdies to Ottwa.

March 25 Lee arrvies at Ottwa but is forced to retreat from heavy looses in British/Candadian ships on the St. Lawrance.

April 1 Hearing of the defeat at Ottwa Statan sends a dispatch to Lee teling him to move west to take Regina, and secretly sends another message to Norfolk imforming them to secretly have an Iron clad ship ready in 100 days.

April 12 The Army of Canada marches taking rail making what is now the first war to use railroad lands in Manatobia.

April 27 The US fleet starts a blockaide against Britan.

My 12 With the Army of Wahington, General Pope attacks Victoria Island.

May 15 Pope is forced to retreat.

June 1 Seward replaces Pope with General Thomas Jackson.

June 16 Lee is imformed that the new ship named the Merrimak is ready to set sail. Lee orders one of his Generals, Longstreet, to prosed back with some men to New York.

The War drags on for the next nine months eventully resalting in essently a draw. Lee's biggest mistake was the invasion of the British Isles. He was forced to retreat, but his comrade General Sherman left a path of destruction in the retreat, and burnt half of London before forced out. By this time Victoria Islande pretty much belongs to the US. One conciquince of the war is the creation of the Qubec Libération Armée (QLA) which eventully reults in the creation of the Democratic Republic of Qubec, much modeled after the US Constitiuiton. THe QLA illegaly continues to exist to this day trying to free Other French Candaians under British rule. Most important though was this was the start of the Down fall of the Britsh Empire and established the United States as a Power,and to be taken seriously. This was the First War of Total Destruction.

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