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Search Engine Submission - AddMe

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Search Engine Submission - AddMe
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"Although, as the apparent appearance as an action figure, we are led by the mental thought system to claim reality as an action figure using a particular type of brush, that will paint it-Self onto the canvas of life. There are no beliefs required to simply be the paints that color reality, since we are always inherently on, as non-local qualia consciousness energetic beings, entertaining All That Is Simply This in the dreamings of being-ness, as that which gives rise to all the meaning All That Is Simply This has at all times, regardless of unnecessary efforts that are seemingly happening to know and do any-thing, as an action figure claims is necessary for there to be knowing and doing some-thing, since all that is happening at all times is simply in the being-ness of now. Now includes every event that seemingly ever happened in the past as an action figure, and every moment that will ever seemingly happen as an action figure in the future that is part of what is happening in the present moments of now, until an action figure eventually dreams dreamings out of this dreamnt illusion of itSelf."🔛🕉️

“There was the story of a "Me" whom was born into Reality. Then, there was a collapse of me. There was also a "Seeker" whom had once supported justifying the existence of me. Then, a seeker collapsed because the seeker was that which was sought. There is Liberation. Liberation happens. Witnessing happens. Then there is recognition of a Witness. There is the Self, witnessing before and after Liberation happening. There is the witness of Liberation happening because there is embodiment. Embodiment happens, even after Liberation. Then, there was a me and seeker that had been exposed by a witness. Partial Liberation happens with embodiment. Absolute Liberation happens, once a witness has collapsed and there is no longer embodiment. All That Is continues to be witnessed as Partial Liberation happening, until there is no longer a witness of embodiment. Absolute Liberation happens with and without a witness and embodiment. Find out how NOT to be navigated by your thoughts. That is considered to be liberation and immunity to that which the me tries to reinforce in separateness."

Within most religious and spiritual doctrines, there is another hidden message which is beyond belief, process, path and the teaching of personal endeavour. It is a revelation out of which can arise a radically different perception of reality. By exploring the essence of various traditional and contemporary practices and attempts to expose the myths that surround the mystery to which they aspire. It can suddenly and apparently happen, that a very deeply subtle "awakening" can occur to the individual whom had once been convinced that their "I"/"me" required a seeker to seek, that which cannot be sought. Liberation of a separation of Self happens when the death of the "I"/"me" happens by exposing itself, from a story of the "I"/"me" that was just another conditioned response, also inferred and self-perpetuated by other individuals, personified by their contracted sense of self-inflicted neurosis. It also reveals the way in which seeking for fulfillment can only reinforce the sense of continuously reaching out for something that has never been lost. The dynamic of this communication is essentially energetic, and this can nullify the mind's needs for ideas and answers and dissipate the contracted sense of Self and a reluctance to experience unconditional freedom, triggered by a fear-based reaction or response to any attempts of Self-inquiry.

This message is not new . . . and yet, it is also very rarely spoken, heard, or understood. Its fundamental essence and content is to be found in the apparent history of seeking originating in Advaita Vedanta, Non-dualism, a particular Zen Buddhism and Christian mysticism. These subjects are explored in more liberally-minded schools and are certainly part of the University curriculum. This message also embraces recent discoveries of quantum physics, neuro-science and biology.

Richard Ty Trevino's story began, upon given a birthname. Then the indoctrination of conditions as me begins with a story, and the character as a me with a birthname, begins to carry-on by developing all the seemingly apparent appearances of characteristics that are associated with an individual person, as though there is a one-of-a-kind originally individualized person that is separate from All That Simply Is somewhere. This is one of several ways that the separation from Self happens. Individuality, is then expressed by a me, as their story develops. The individualized me then branches off into 2 other parts. Those parts are the seeker and the witness. The seeker spends all of the me's time that the me's embodiment has been alloted to exist, according to the qualitative attributes of the me's consciousness and/or mental capacity, to either remain with embodiment for a finite number of years, months, and days, as the apparent appearance of time is recorded in some way, or simply become involved in an entirely different reality frame, that is entirely different compared to a physical matter reality frame that supports embodiment. A historical database, that is accessible by a me, who did not fall away/collapse or die, will return to this physical matter reality, and seemingly begin to restart an entirely new story (reincarnation), UNTIL, the me has fallen away/dissipated/died while it has the apparent appearance of embodiment intact. The ability of a me to apprehend memories, is how the me accesses its own historical database to see if there is something else that the me can do to justify that it can get by just fine, as separateness, without recognizing that they are not a separate individual, whom has been with All That Simply Is, all along.

The seeker will embark on missions to make every effort of reporting back to the me, with information regarding how and why the me separated from Self in the first place. The seeker always gathers and collects information for the me, so that the me can say he/she has gained a degree of knowledge, regarding what is simply All This, that simply is All That Is. If the me happens to fall away/collapse/dissipate while still seemingly within an embodiment, this can then lead the me to a sudden death recognition that their me was an illusionary construct as a dream about the story of:[insert your birthname here]. Self embodies All That Simply Is, as a collective consciousness, that is Absolute Liberation with and without the apparent appearance of embodiment. Eventually,[insert your birthname here] will recognize that their me has collapsed/fallen-away/died, and now there is Self-recognition that there is partial liberation happening, with All That Simply Is as everything and nothing, simultaneously real and unreal, as[insert your birthname here] doing something. Everything and no-thing is dreaming that it is:[insert your birthname here] doing something. What [insert your birthname here] thinks they do next, is simply being done. [insert your birthname here] is being dreamnt because this is all there is. In the "Isness" there is aliveness. "All That Simply Is" is happening for nobody, for no reason, and for no purpose. It is simply what is happening. Self-Inquiry can provide a witness with connectivity to the collective consciousness that is Self, after partial liberation. There is partial liberation in embodiment. Absolute liberation happens, once there is no longer an embodiment, that had been supporting and enacting upon partial liberation to happen. Absolute Liberation happens, while the witness remains in partial liberation, until the witness collapses and there is no longer the apparent appearance of embodiment."

Your Thoughts Do Not Create Your Own Reality

Let us reason together. Self does not create their own reality. Self-thoughts do not create Self-reality as well. All the positive thinking, manifesting, vision-boarding, and dreaming, is not going to manifest an ideal reality that is associated with acquiring a particular lifestyle, to suddenly begin streaming within some type of Self-generated reality, towards an ideological reality that grants all wishes, wants, needs, and desires. Intent does not operate that way. Although it is how Self-intent becomes the primary factor as to how Self-reality is experienced, the application of Self-intent, and the degree by which Self-intent is applied upon Self-reality, creates Self-experiences of Self-reality, via a witness in embodiment with partial liberation of All That Simply Is. What Self does, supports or removes the sense of separation of the "Me-experience" from Self-reality. Self-thoughts about Self-reality create Self-experience of that reality. This distinction is critical, and far too often, it is glossed over, ignored, or pushed aside, in favor of the far more attractive idea of being completely in control of our reality via "me-generated thoughts." The delusion is that all a "me" needs is some type of quick-fix "Secret", and the "me" can think their way into a bigger bank balance, a nicer car, a bigger house and a better partner. Utter "Duality-dung." Oh, it doesn’t work unless the "me" gets a feeling resonance behind it just right; the "me" really needs to feel what the me would be like to have - that bigger bank balance, drive that bigger car, living in that bigger house and have that better partner. The me will believe there is some need to emotionally-charge their positive thinking, manifesting, vision-boarding, dreaming. Now this has a smidgen of truth in it, but it is still a corrupted way to sell books, DVDs, online courses and workshops that hook into a me’s desire to experience better lives, and the me's motivation to do so, via me-driven greed. It also implies that if the me does not get the money, the car, the house, the lover, then there’s something wrong with me. Many me's attracted to these kinds of promises are already afraid there’s something wrong with me. Working with manifesting tips and tricks—and failing—is just going to reinforce that fear even more.

So what is the real deal?

Simply this:

Self-thoughts and emotions are intertwined. A thought can give rise to a feeling, and a feeling can give rise to a thought. Underlying beliefs, often unconscious, give rise to both thoughts and feelings. Beliefs, thoughts and feelings are the filter through which Self-experience apparently appears to happen. All the circumstances, everything that happens to me, all the other me's contacted in some manner with, everything -is experienced through the filter of beliefs, thoughts, and feelings about circumstances, the happenings, the me's distortion about how everything is Simply All That Is. Such a combination of external reality and internal reality creates ultimate Self-reality. Two things, intertwined, inseparable from each other. What this means is that if Self-internalized reality changes, i.e., the me's beliefs, thoughts and feelings, then the sum of Self-reality will change, but not the relative external reality. Because the sum of Self-reality has changed, the choices Self-made will change, and then the external reality will also change, because Self is steering their ship in a new direction, so-to-speak. Beliefs (b) + Thoughts (t) + feelings (f) = Internal Reality (IR). Circumstances (c) + people (p) = External Reality (ER). BIR + ER = Ultimate Reality (UR) or, more complex (b+t+f)+(c+p)=UR. Change any input in these equations and the end result changes for Self-change to happen (UR). In a "real-world" example, "Stupid Secret Thinking," envisioning the future: The me wants more money because the me wants to be rich. The me positively thinks about receiving large sums of cash. The me uses various manifesting methods. The me does a vision board with money on it. The me dreams about being rich. The me feels what it would be like to have a lot of money in the bank. The me patiently awaits for the money to arrive, and when it doesn’t, the me wonders what went wrong. The me feels, in their wanting, just how damn lacking the me seemingly appears to truly be.

Smarter Thinking, working with what is: The me wants more money because the me wants to be rich. The me asks Self why a me should want to be rich. The me is convinced that I/me must feel I/me deserves some luxuries in my life because I've been working so hard. A me takes a look at their life to see where they are already experiencing luxury. The me looks at where I/me could treat Self, as though Self agreed upon witnessing the actions of a me that always wants and needs more. The amount of wants and needs will cause me to feel as though there are not enough needs and wants ever being fulfilled, so it continues to send-out a seeker to find more. The me wants a report back from the seeker, as to what luxuries are possible right now. The seeker searches for luxuries that are possible on a budget. The me begins to treat mySelf on a regular basis to things that make me feel good—like long hot baths with bath salts, afternoon walks in the sun by the beach, and a red rose once a week. The me notices, in astonishment, that I/me feels rich, because I'm meeting my needs to treat mySelf every now and then with a luxury. The seeker successfully inquires into my thoughts and feelings, using the knowledge gained to change the way I/me perceives their current reality, and makes new choices which change that reality and therefore change the way I/me feel/feels.

That is the big difference between confronting reality, as it makes an apparent appearance of what Simply Is and the delusion that a me can experience a type of pseudo-reality especially designed and tailored for me. The first is externally focused, hoping and wishing that using the right magical thoughts or feelings will make something happen ‘out there.’ The second is internally focused, making choices and actions that meet the underlying needs creating the desiring wants. The first is future-focused, hoping and wishing that something will happen in the future. The second is now-focused, working with what is right now. Is this even true? I/me has no idea. This is just one way that the me views reality, to make some sense out of it, and therefore chose how to be. The real question is, does it work? For me, yes it does, as the me can read about it in articles like this: "How identifying with not being something also causes great misery." There is nothing wrong with me. I/me does not need fixing. A tale of "Material-Resistance," and practicing anyway. In all of these cases, I notice the misery of me, and I notice the beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that are giving rise to that misery, and I/me work/works directly with those beliefs, thoughts, and feelings—not be attempting to change them, fix them, or heal them. But, simply by bringing awareness to them, and allowing that to create change, or not. Every now and then, I/me gets side-tracked. I/me notices and begins to focus on changing my external reality as a way of shifting my ultimate reality." It’s subtle, but the me can see this at work in this article: "I'm only woman when there should be man as well." Usually, I/me catches up with my Self within a few weeks and eventually turns towards the true source of misery—that which lies inside me. It is easy to see how this process can be subverted—how easy it can be to think that our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings create our reality; therefore, if the me is not rich, or successful, or thin or something, there’s something wrong with me. I/me begins to think that if I/me just had the right manifesting techniques or tools, or thoughts, the right things, could fix me and fulfill all desires, wants, and needs for me. Neurotic Spiritual Neurosis. It is a folly. External reality, in this moment, is fixed. Responses to that external reality is fluid. Accept the fixed and work with the fluid to witness what arises in that space."

The story of Richard Ty Trevino, as another "I"/"me" suddenly, seemingly, and apparently happened, described with the following details: “One day in June of 2016, I was diligently "seeking" more information about Dr. Thomas Campbell's "Big T.O.E." [Big Theory of Everything]; when I was actively engaged with searching for more specific details about bridging spirituality with metaphysics; that my mind was totally occupied with expectations about finding similar forms of expressions of comprehensively serious and active researchers; who have been considered to be at the top of their fields of study as serious "seekers" as I had always felt that I was; along with the British equivalent [Anthony Peake] and among researchers of a similar orientation; similarly expressing their work that is associated with consciousness research; I had then seemingly proceeded choosing to let go of those distinctions of comparing the researcher's work and simply directly interpret what was presented by those researchers, and the themes that were at the core of Dr. Thomas Campbell's work, compared to the themes at the core of Anthony Peake's work; that I then began to notice an immediacy of spontaneous interpretations and conscious perceptiveness; uniquely clear, fresh, and with intensive focus and clarity; as though it was a catapult of consciousness; that suddenly and seemingly began to expand my field of awareness; far beyond any other mindful field of awareness I had ever experienced. Perhaps such an effect of personal Self-inquiry happens all the time to everyone, but simply goes unnoticed or undetected by the witness of Self-realization.

Further into this "awakening process" I began to reason that these experiences have indeed transpired in the past historicity of the story that had been associated with a version of "I"/"me" whom was deeply involved and immersed in seeking any information that could be found on the subject of metaphysics and spirituality, during a period of time elapsed between the mid-to-late 1980's and mid-to-late 1990's. It is a resurgence that now proved to mySelf that by witnessing the actions of "I"/"me" with greater punity and concentration, it was then proposed to that version of myself, to be as a catalyst or "nudge" as a step forward in my own spiritual evolution. These immense feelings of mindful expansiveness, must be part of that process that happens, once one becomes completely devoted and immersed with the involvement of seeking answers to questions about our very existence as human beings. It feels as though there will never be an end to that which is being expressed, regarding all aspects associated with All That Is. It must be this way, since All That Is, is everything and nothing, simultaneously so, as a paradox. There are no boundaries, no parameters, no limitations of how All That Is permeates everything and nothing, all the time - and it will never cease to be this way. It is utter perfection and beauty beyond words. This sensation of collapsing and unraveling, as part of that evolutionary process of Self-realization, continues to feel as though it has the potential of going on forever. All sounds heard and imagery envisioned in reality, are now witnessed within embodiment; of anything and everything that is gazed upon - at any given moment; that then seemingly begins to take on a more distinct and well defined reality; as though all life that was once witnessed with a blurry coating of haziness in the past; and prior to this "awakening" will continue to shift - resulting in a cleaner, clearer, and sharper focus of everything and anything witnessed to be happening in reality, as an entirely new version of reality, that is never to be seemingly repeated or replicated precisely the same way, at any given moment in time and space.

Then and hereafter; each and every moment of awareness of life; after that initial blast of clarity in perceptiveness, awareness, and/or consciousness; is now met with great promise and a reinforced feeling of positivity, joy, urgency, and bliss; that my mind has seemingly begun to provide an internalized mantra: "This is what unconditional love feels like, so be that." Each and every moment is now experienced as though each and every moment is impossible to repeat the same way ever again. What happens now is beyond description because it transcends space and time, in the infinite nature of All That Is. A transcendental experience from a collapse of "Me" and the "Seeker" that was once experiencing a separation of Self, has suddenly immersed with All That Is. And in that emergence comes liberation. Every moment of life is now experienced as countless rebirths. Every inhaled breath has become likened to the sweetest aroma of flowers. All actions of embodiment are now observed with a sense of awe and wonder; likened to witnessing the dawn of a new day that is equivalent to spectacular displays of nature; as the deepest hues of orange from the sun, and the deepest hues of blue in the skies; to the deepest hues of green in vegetation.

Everything now takes on a new sense of vivid aliveness, unlike anything ever experienced before this "recognition of an awakening" and the apparent appearance of final steps from a partial collapse of the "Me" the "Seeker" and the "Witness" to an absolute collapse of the "Me" the "Seeker" and the "Witness" once embodiment has transcended this reality of seemingly apparent manifestation beyond virtual space/time/form/matter."

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*In the past, men and women believed that the world around them had a miraculous dimension - that angels and demons were real, that prayers were efficacious, that mankind had a special place in the universe. Today, fewer and fewer people believe in such a world. For many, existence has become something defined by politics, economics, and discoveries made in laboratories. And yet an instinct for the unknown persists, and a conviction also that not everything in our lives can be cut and dried by the statisticians, controlled in the halls of government, or defined in a test tube. For, though more has been learned about the earth and the cosmos over the past 25 years or so, than in all preceding years of recorded history, the more we have probed the more mysterious the world has become.*

*In view of the strangeness persistently revealed around us, we may ask if common sense does not require us to accept the uncommon. Should we not abandon our conventional notions of the laws of nature? As our scientists tune in to the reverberations of cosmic creation, must we adhere to the idea that time progresses in a linear way? Cannot past, present and future exist simultaneously? Must every effect be preceded by a cause? Cannot psychic energy make itself manifest in physically observable ways? It is questions like these that open the doorway to the vast and intriguing world of metaphysics.*

A salt doll journeyed for thousands of miles and stopped at the edge of the sea. It was fascinated by this moving liquid mass, so unlike anything it had seen before. "What are you?" asked the salt doll. "Come in and see" replied the sea with a smile. So the salt doll waded in. The further it went, the more it dissolved until there was only a pinch of it remaining. Before the remaining grains of salt dissolved, the doll exclaimed in wonder, "NOW I know what I am!"

"Believing that Reality is only what one thinks it is, is the height of arrogance and stupidity. "All That Is" is far more than what one's physical eyes gaze upon. "All That Is" is also beyond the carnal mind's comprehension. In fact, "All That Is" is infinitude that is well outside the limitations of embodiment and will always remain an unfathomable "Mystery." - Richard Ty(Tywanderer) Trevino

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Search Engine Submission - AddMe
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