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Pvt. Berlin M. Thompson

Pvt. Berlin M. Thompson enlisted with Co. E, 10th Texas Infantry at
Camp Brazos, near Millican, Brazos County, Texas on April 10, 1862.
He was captured with 400 of his regiment at Arkansas Post,
Ark. (Fort Hindman), on January 11, 1863. He arrieve at Camp
City Point, Virginia on April 7th. Pvt. Thompson was issued clothing
at the General Hospital, Petersburg, Virginia, on April 25, 1863. He
recounted his experiences in a book, "Reminiscences of the Boys in
Gray, 1861 - 1865 by Mamie Yeary.

The following is Thompson's account from that collection, "After three
months suffering we were sent to Petersburg for exchange. While we were
there the Yankees made a riad on Richmond, and the private soldiers went
over there, took arms and defended the city. A little occurrence gave us
the courage of lions. While we were marching through the city in the dark
a young lady came to the window and asked what soldiers we were, and we told
her we were Texans, and she screamed to her mother not to be uneasy that the
Texans were here." Pvt. Thompson was captured "Near Atlanta" on July 22, 1864
by the 15th Army Corps. Long after the war, another of Thompson's accounts states
"We had several little fights before we got to Atlanta. Here under Hood, Hardee's
Corps was sent down the Macon road in the rear of McPhearson's command. We
surprised them, killed the General and routed the leftwing ot the army, but
something prevented Walker's Division from advancing, and the Federals rallied, and
charged while we were in their breastworks, but they massed one line after another
till we were obliged to surrender. The last gun I fired the Federals was not more
than six feet from me. I reached for another cartridge, and there were three soldiers
at my back, we marched to the bullpen, and they told the officers we ought to be shot
because we had killed 200 of their men and they ahd only killed thrity of us."
Pvt. Thompson arrived at Camp Chase Prison on July 24th 1864. Again, Thompson
stated "We were taken to Camp Chase, Ohio. Congress passed the retaliation act and
put us on one-fourth rations. There we remained until May 15, 1865." According
to his discharge certificate, Pvt. Thompson stood 5 ft. 10 inches tall with blue
eyes, dark hair, and a florid complexion. After the war B M Thompson married Nancy Ann Latham Paschall sometime around 1866,
They can be found in the church records of the Mars Hill Baptist Church, now known as
The New Hope Baptist Church, in Johnson County, TX. Nancy died in 1903 and is buried
not far from the church.

Burlin Monroe Thompson married Nancy Wheatley on April 25, 1904 in Somervell Co., TX
B M Thompson died on March 21, 1922 and is buried in the Fairview Cemetery, in
Hood County, TX.

Source:Donna Brand

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