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James Wright Rutherford

Photo submitted by David Gorman

RUTHERFORD, James Wright born August 13, 1828 Dyer Co., Tennessee, died January 1, 1892 Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas- married ca 1855 Mt. Pleasant, Titus Co., Texas to Susan Catherine Sayles Was a physican there in Titus Co., after the Civil War

RUTHERFORD, Zebulon Bell born August 8, 1831 Dyer Co., Tennessee, married ca 1861 Mt. Pleasant, Titus Co., Texas to Louisa Ann Wilhite.

These two boys are brothers, they are the sons of James R. Rutherford and Nancy Jane Goodman. They have a sister Nancy Elizabeth who married William A. Hall. From 2 different sources I have, before they came to Texas, they moved to Arkansas, in late 1835-early 1836 and Davy Crockett accompied them and spoke often to Lizzie as she was called, when he left to come on to Texas. These 3 children's parents were physicans. I also have resources stating that one of these boys left for parts north sometime during the war.

Photo from the book "The Genealogical History of the Rutherford Family", Compiled by William Kenneth Rutherford and Anna Clay (Zimmerman) Rutherford, Revised Edition, copyright 1986, privately printed.

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