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Old Marshall Cemetery

Old Marshall Cemetery

Marshall, Harrison County, Texas

Downtown on the north side of U. S. 80


Old Marshall Cemetery Photos
Submitted by Allen and Cheryl Connel

Adkins, George B. b.5/6/1848 d.4/8/1864 killed at the battle of Mansfield.

Browning, Thomas


Burnham, A. M. d.4/13/1872 aged 40 Major.

Burress, William Dobson b.9/27/1847 d.2/5/1876 CSA on tombstone.*

Clark, Edward b.4/1/1815 d.5/4/1980 Governor of Texas and commanded the 14th Tx..

Clemmons, Andrew (Rev.) b.1821 Tenn. d.1890.

Collins, William W. d.9/24/1873 age 41.*

Cooley, Benjamin C. b.3/1/1838 d.6/6/1901.

Dieterich, Charles H. b.1847 d.1881 son of John C.*

Dieterich, John C. b.1820.*

Evers, Adolf F. b.5/10/1833 d.5/13/1885.

Felton, H. F. b.1824 d.1906.*

Ford, R. W. b.5/15/1838 Ala. d.3/27/1880Shreveport La.

Gregg, John b.4/25/1800Tenn. d.4/13/1887Aberdeen Miss. Colonel.

Hailey, R. T. b.8/10/1835 N. C. d,12/13/1914.*

Hamlet, Francis Marion b.1827 d.1908.

Hill, James b.12/27/1836 d.5/6/1881.

Hudgins, William P. b.10/10/1831 d.5/24/1912.

Kennedy, W. N. b.2/24/1832 d.9/20/1921.

McAllister, A. F. d.4/10/1914.*

Randal, Horace b.1/4/1833 d.4/30/1864 Brig. General.

Richardson, Samuel J. Capt. Co. F 2nd?

Sanders, Lee b.1/18/1839 d.11/21/1872.

Taylor, Thomas b.7/12/1844 d.7/14/1896.*

Turney, A. G. b.3/11/1820 d.11/12/1897.

Wagner, Walter M. b.6/27/1845 Ala. d.1871.

Wolz, Frederich b.6/15/1828 d.9/2/1872.*

Young, Charles F. b.1844 d.1922 UCV on tombstone.

Young, Walter Paye b.2/18/1817 d.1/28/1892 Brigadier General.


Tall Obelisk in North East Corner honoring the unknown confederate dead placed by the Marshall Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

* CSA foot marker, age is fast making some unreadable.

Their is also an additional 15 graves marked only by CSA foot markers.

Source: Ruston L. Turner

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