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Manidue, Henry - Mantisfell, --

Manidue, Henry 8th Cav. Co.B
Manier, J.A. Cav. Terry's Regt. Co.F Sgt.
Manier, R.W. 14th Inf 1st Co.K
Maning, Lewis W. 1st lnf Co.I
Maning, Tho. 26th Cav. Co.H
Manington, Israel 1st Hvy.Arty. 1st Co.F
Manion, A.B. 18th Cav. Co.K Chap.
Manion, George D. 18th Cav. Co.K Capt.
Manion, J.N.10th Cav. Co.D
Manire, Robert W. 18th lnf Co.L
Manis, John W. Cav. Good's Bn. Co.A
Maniss, Allen A. 15th Inf Co.K
Manke, T. 35th (Likens') Cav. Co.D
Manke, T. 37th Cav. Gray's Co.
Manker, Allen 27th Cav. Co.I,N
Mankin, Willis W. 17th Cav. Co.B
Mankins, Charles Cav. Bordees Regt. Co.A
Mankins, Evan 1st (McCulloch's) Cav. Co.G
Mankins, Evan Cav. 8th (Tayloes) Bn. Co.A
Mankins, Evin 1st (Yager's) Cav. Co.G
Mankins, Jasper 1st (Yager's) Cav. Co.G
Mankins, John W. Cav. Morgan's Regt. Co.A Sgt.
Mankins, Lindsey 13th Cav. Co.F
Mankins, Samuel 1st (McCulloch's) Cav. Co.G
Mankins, Samuel J. 1st (Yager's) Cav. Co.G
Mankins, Samuel J. Cav. 8th (Taylor's) Bn. Co.A
Mankins, W.L. 10th Cav. Co.I
Mankins, William H. lst (McCulloch's) Cav. Co.G
Mankins, William H. lst (Yager's) Cav. Co.G
Mankins, William H. Cav. 8th (Taylor's) Bn. Co.A
Manks, Elijah F. 15th Cav. Co.F
Manley, Andrew J. 5th Cav, Co.H
Manley, Collin J. 10th lnf Co.C
Manley, L. 5th Cav. Co.H
Manley, L. 1st Hvy.Arty. Co.D
Manley, M.D. 10th Inf Co.D
Manley, William 13th Cav. Co.K
Manly, Bohannon 10th Inf Co.H
Manly, Henry B. 10th lnf Co.I
Manly, Isaac C. 10th lnf Co.C
Manly, J. 4th Inf (St.Troops) Co.A
Manly, J.F. 5th Cav. Co.K Sgt.
Manly, John 25th Cav. Co.I
Manly, John H. 1st Hvy.Arty. Co.G Lt.Col.
Manly, M.D. 10th Cav. Co.D
Manly, R.W. 5th Cav. Co.A
Manly, William C. 15th Cav. Co.K
Manly, William C. 10th lnf Co.I
Manly, William H. 20th lnf Co.C Music.
Mann, A.G. Cav. 1st Regt.St.Troops Co.B
Mann, Alfred 16th Cav. Co.A
Mann, Arch 22nd Inf C.O.F
Mann, C. Cav. 2nd Bn.St.Troops Co.A
Mann, C.C. 29th Cav. Co.B
Mann, C.T. 10th Cav. Co.I
Mann, Charles 19th lnf Co.G
Mann, D. Cav. Mann's Regt. Co.A
Mann, D.J. 25th Cav. Co.A
Mann, David G. 13th Cav. Co.K
Mann, Dell 24th & 25th Cav. (Cons.) Co.A
Mann, E. 8th lnf Co.D
Mann, E.H. 3rd Cav. Co.D
Mann, Ed 18th lnf Co.E
Mann, Edward F. Cav. Wells'Bn. Co.A
Mann, Elijah 2nd Cav. Co.G
Mann, Gideon B. 31st Cav. Co.G
Mann, Green P. 1st Inf Co. I
Mann, H.A. 14th Inf Co.A
Mann, H.J. 23rd Cav. Co.E
Mann, Henry E. 18th lnf Co.E
Mann, J. Waul's Legion Co.D
Mann, J.H. 2nd Inf Co.K
Mann, J.M. 25th Cav. Co.A
Mann, J.M. 34th Cav. Co.K Sgt.
Mann, J.N. 34th Cav. Co,K
Mann, J.W. 23rd Cav. Co.I
Mann, J.W. St.Troops Teel's Co.
Mann, James Cav. Bouriand's Regt. Co.A
Mann, James M. 13th Cav. Co.K
Mann, James T. 27th Cav. Co.I,N Sgt.
Mann, Jerome 34th Cav. Co.K Cpl.
Mann, Joel Cav. Bourland's Regt. Co.A Bvt.2nd Lt.
Mann, Joel L. 11th Cav. Co.A Jr.2nd Lt.
Mann, John 13th Cav. Co.F
Mann, John Cav. Mann's Bn. Cox's Co.
Mann, John Cav. McCord's Frontier Regt. Co.C Cpl.
Mann, John 1st Hvy.Arty. Co,A
Mann, John F. 2nd Cav. Co.D
Mann, John N. Cav. Mann's Regt. CO.K,G Lt.
Mann, John P. 13th Cav, Co.K
Mann, John W. 6th Cav. Co.G Black.
Mann, John W. 2nd Field Btty.
Mann, John W. 18th lnf Co.E 1st Sgt.
Mann, John W. 20th lnf Co.A
Mann, Jonas 4th Cav. Co.I
Mann, Joseph 3rd Inf Co.B
Mann, Joseph Comal Res.
Mann, Linsey Inf 2nd St.Troops Co.E
Mann, Massena V. 1st lnf Co. H
Mann, Matthew S. 19th Cav. Co.E
Mann, Phil Cav. Morgan's Regt. Co.C
Mann, R.T. 9th (Nichols') lnf Co.E
Mann, R.W. 23rd Cav. Co.E
Mann, Robert J. 35th (Brown's) Cav. Co.I
Mann, Robert T. 13th Vol, 3rd Co.I
Mann, Rufus 29th Cav. Co.D 3rd Lt.
Mann, Rufus 11th Inf Co.D
Mann, W.C. Cav. Bourland's Regt. Co.D
Mann, W.H.H. 5th Cav. Co.D
Mann, W.P. Cav. 1st Bn.St.Troops Co.F
Mann, Walter L. I St (Yager's) Cav. Co.F 1st Lt.
Mann, Walter L. Cav. Mann's Regt. Lt.Col.
Mann, William 7th Cav. Co.A
Mann, William 22nd Cav. Co.I
Mann, William 12th lnf Co.G
Mann, William H.H. 31st Cav. Co.C
Mann, William W. 11th Cav. Co.A
Mannheart, C.M. 5th Inf Co.B
Manning, - Cav. Mann's Regt. Co.G
Manning, A.M. 9th Cav. Co.D
Manning, Benedict 5th lnf Co.B
Manning, Benjamin T. 22nd Cav. Co.D
Manning, E.D. 4th Cav. Co.K
Manning, F.M. 35th (Brown's) Cav. Co.F
Manning, F.M. 13th Vol. 1st Co.H
Manning, F.M. 20th lnf Co.E
Manning, Francis S. 13th Cav. Co.A Sgt.
Manning, Francis S. 2nd lnf Co.E Drum.
Manning, George Cav. 6th Bn. Co.E
Manning, George W. 12th lnf Co.G
Manning, H.L. 11th Cav. Co.K
Manning, J. 15th Field Btty.
Manning, J.A. 20th lnf Co.E Sgt.
Manning, J.A. 22nd lnf Co.F
Manning, J.B. Cav, Waller's Regt. Co.C
Manning, J.D. 1st Hvy.Arty. 2nd Co.A
Manning, J.W. 3rd (Kirby's) Bn.Vol. Co.A Sgt.
Manning, J.W. 4th lnf (St.Troops) Co.E
Manning J.W. 17th lnf Co.C
Manning: James 7th lnf Co.I
Manning, James A. 4th Cav. Co.F Sgt.
Manning, Jesse Inf 1st St.Troops Wheat's Co.
Manning, Joe M. Waul's Legion Cpl.
Manning, John 12th Inf Co.I
Manning, Joseph 7th lnf Co.G
Manning, L.A. Inf Timmons'Regt. Co.I 2nd Lt.
Manning, L.A. Waul's Legion Co.E Sgt.
Manning, Michael N. 12th lnf Co.G Cpl.
Manning, Milam 4th lnf (St.Troops) Co.E
Manning, Patrick Arty. 4th Bn. Co.A
Manning, Patrick 8th lnf Co.A
Manning, R.H. Cav. Gano's Squad. Co.A
Manning, Reuben, Jr. 12th Inf Co.I
Manning, Robert 18th Cav. Co.C
Manning, Robert 21st Cav. Co.K Cpl.
Manning, S.M. 4th lnf Co.D
Manning, Samuel 18th Cav. Co.C
Manning, T. 7th Cav. Co.K
Manning, T. 20th Inf Co.I
Manning, Thomas lnf 1st St.Troops Lawrence's Co.
Manning, Thomas J. 24th Cav. Co.C
Manning, Travis 31st Cav. Co.G
Manning, W. Cav. McCord's Frontier Regt. Co.B Bugler
Manning, W.T. Cav. 6th Bn. Co.B
Manning, William B. 18th Cav. Co.C
Manning, William G. Cav. Waller's Regt. Co.C
Manning, William G. 12th Inf Co.G
Manning, William G. lnf Amold's Co. (Riflemen)
Mannix, L. 20th Inf Co.K
Manns, Wm. Cav. Ragsdale's Bn. Co.D
Manor, J.T. 7th Field Btty.
Manor, J.W. 8th Cav. Co.B Cpl.
Manor, T.A. 8th Cav. Co.B
Manos, Wiley N. 22nd Cav. Co.D,I
Manry, D.T. 22nd Inf Co.F Sgt.
Manry, John 4th Cav. Co.F
Manry, William H.H. 4th Cav. Co.F Sgt.
Mansel, J.W. 22nd Inf Co.D
Mansel, Robert 6th Cav. Co.F
Mansell, James 10th Cav. Co.I
Mansell, S.K. 10th Cav. Co.B Cpl.
Mansell, W.S. 1lth (Spaight's) Bn.Vol. Co.D 1st Sgt.
Mansell, William J. 1st lnf Co.H
Mansfield, A. Lt.Arty. Dege's Bn. Co.D
Mansfield, And 6th Field Btty.
Mansfield, Francis M. 36th Cav. Co.E
Mansfield, J.E.W. Cav. Baird's Regt. Co.E
Mansfield, John M. 14th Cav. Co.H
Mansfield, Sylvester 11th (Spaight's) Bn.Vol. Co.E
Mansinger, John Cav. 1st Regt.St.Troops Co.A
Mansinger, John II th lnf Co.B
Mansker, Josiah 19th Cav. Co.H
Mansker, Samuel I Oth Cav. Co.I
Mansker, W.R. 15th lnf Co.A
Mansola, Antonio 12th lnf Co.G
Mansola, Lorenzo 17th Cav. Co.A
Mansola, Mariano Cav. Ragsdale's Bn. Co.B
Manson, Benjamin F. 7th lnf Co.D
Manson, J.C. 21st Cav. Co.D
Manson, J.C. 25th Cav. Co.A
Manson, John J. 19th lnf Co.D
Mantes, Juan Cav. Benavides'Regt.
Mantez, Paplo Cav. Benavides'Regt. Co.C
Mantisfell, - Cav. Ragsdale's Bn. Co.D

Texans in the Civil War