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Optional page text here. Houk, T.W. - Howard, J.W

Houk, T.W. - Howard, J.W

Houk, T.W. Inf 1st St.Troops Lawrence's Co.
Hoummeth, C. 24th & 25th Cav. (Cons.) Co.I
Hous, Henry 1st (Yager’s) Cav. Co.A
House, A. 1st Hvy. Arty. Co.H
House, A.J. 26th Cav. Co.A
House, A.P. 12th Cav. Co.C
House, A.P. Home Guards Killough's Co.
House, B.B. 1st (McCulloch's) Cav. Co.C
House, Bartlett B. 1st (Yager’s) Cav. Co. H
House, Bartlett B. Cav. 8th (Taylor’s) Bn. Co.E
House, Brinkley S. 10th lnf Co.K
House, C.T. 15th lnf 2nd Co.G
House, Christopher 24th Cav. Co.K
House, Colonel T. 13th Vol. Co.E
House, Francis M. 19th Cav. Co.H
House, Frederick 24th Cav. Co.K Sgt.
House, G.W. 18th Cav. Co.A
House, G.W. 3rd (Kirby's) Bn.Vol. Co.B
House, George W. 12th Cav. Co.C,D Cpl.
House, George W. 17th Inf Co.B
House, H.H. 30th Cav. Co.D
House, J.L. 21st Cav. Co.F
House, J.M. Cav. Terry's Regt. Co.F
House, J.M. 13th Vol. Co.E
House, John W. 12th Inf Co.F
House, Joseph D. 12th Inf Co.F
House, M. 25th Cav. Co.H
House, M. Cav. Wells'Regt Co.K
House, Mittleton Cav. 3rd Regt.St.Troops Co.A
House, Oliver P. 1st (Yager's) Cav. Co. H
House, P.M. 7th Cav. Co.K
House, Robert F. 6th Cav. Co.K Sgt.
House, Samuel 5th Cav. Co.E
House, Samuel 4th Field Btty,
House, Samuel 3rd Inf Co.G
House, Samuel C. 15th Cav. Co.C
House, Wiley A. 1st lnf Co.I
House, Willimn 5th Inf Co.H Cpl.
House, William G. 18th Cav. Co.B
Houseman, H. 8th Inf Co.G
Houser, A. Lt.Arty. Dege's Bn.
Houseworth, T.P. Cav. (Dismtd.) Chisum's Regt. Co.F
Houseworth, W.L. 24th Cav. Co.F
HousewrighL Alexander 22nd Cav. Co.E
Housewright, Gipson 17th lnf Co.B
Housewright, L.W. 22nd Cav. Co.E
Housewright, Louis M. 16th Cav. Co.B
Housewright, William M. 22nd Cav, Co.E 1st Sgt.
Housley, Willimn 18th Cav. Co.E
Hously, --- Cav. 4th Regt.St.Troops Co.H
Housman, James F. 1st lnf 2nd Co.K
Housman, W. 4th Cav.. Co.C Music.
Houstead, C.C. 6th Cav. Co.C
Houston, --- Cav. Bordees Regt. Co.K
Houston, A. 21st Cav. Co.D
Houston. A. 28th Cav. Co.F
Houston, A.A. lst lnf Co.D
Houston, A.A. 13th Vol. Co.E
Houston, A.M. 7th lnf Co.A
Houston, A.T. 2nd Cav. Ord. Sgt.
Houston, And 4th Cav. Co.B
Houston' Arch Cav. Martin's Regt. Co.H
Houston, B.H. Inf Cunningham's Co.
Houston, C.A. 17th Cons.Dismtd.Cav. Co.I
Houston, C.B. 26th Cav. Co.F
Houston, Charles A. 14th Cav. Co-E
Houston, Curtis B. 1st (Yager's) Cav. Co.G
Houston, David H. 8th Cav. Co.G
Houston, E.R. 9th (Young's) Inf Co.D
Houston, Frank J. 27th Cav. Co.A
Houston, G.B. Inf Chainbers'Bn.Res.Corps Co.D
Houston, H. Cav. 3rd Regt.St.Troops Kelly's Co.
Houston, H.W. Cav. McCord's Frontier Regt. Co.D
Houston, Isaac lnf 3rd St.Troops Co.G
Houston, J.N. 8th Cav. Co.I
Houston, J.T. 23rd Cav. Co.B
Houston. J.W. Cav. Hardeman's Regt. Co.A Sgt.
Houston, James Cav. Baylor's Regt. Co.A
Houston, James A. 4th Cav. Co.B
Houston, James F. 9th (Young's) Inf Co.D 2nd Lt.
Houston, James H. Cav. Baylor’s Regt. Co.A Ord. Sgt.
Houston, James M. Cav. Martin's Regt. Co.C
Houston, Jesse 22nd lnf Co.G
Houston, John 1st Hvy.Arty. Co. H
Houston, John 10th Inf Co.G
Houston, John 17th lnf Co.A
Houston, John N. 17th Inf Co.I 2nd Lt.
Houston, John T. Cav. 2nd Bn.St.Troops Co.A Capt.
Houston, John T. 16th Cav. Co.B
Houston, John T. 27th Cav. Co.A Far.
Houston, L.T. 12th Inf Co.D
Houston, Lewis 6th Cav. Co.B
Houston, Louis 15th Cav. Co.D
Houston. M.A. 5th Cav. Co.H
Houston, M.A. Waul's Legion Co.H
Houston, M.M. 6th & 15th (Cons.) Vol. Co.K Capt.
Houston, M.W. 9th (Young's) lnf Co.F
Houston, Martin W. 17th Cav. Co.E
Houston, Mathew M. 15th Cav. Co.K Capt.
Houston, Mazillon 8th Cav. Co.H
Houston, Mordecai J. 2nd lnf Co.H
Houston, Newton J. 6th Cav. Co.C
Houston, P.N. I st Field Btty.
Houston, P.N. Lt.Arty. Jones'Co.
Houston, Polk 13th Vol. 2nd Co.C
Houston, Robert 4th Cav. Co.B
Houston, Robert C. 8th Cav. Co.G
Houston. Russell 4th Inf Co.F
Houston, Russell lnf Cunningham's Co.
Houston, S.M. 4th lnf Co.H
Houston, Sam 2nd Field Buy. 2nd Lt.
Houston, Samuel 26th Cav. Co.K
Houston, Samuel Lt.Arty. Dege's Bn. Co.B 2nd Lt.
Houston, Samuel R. 33rd Cav. Co.G
Houston, Samuel, Jr. 2nd Inf Co.C
Houston, Sidney Cav. 6th Bn. Co.D
Houston, Sidney 22nd lnf Co.B
Houston, Thomas 16th Cav. Co.H
Houston, Thomas Cav. Martin's Regt. Co.I
Houston, Thomas 10th lnf Co. E Cpl.
Houston, W.D. 23rd Cav. Co.G
Houston. W.P. St.Troops Hampton's Co.
Houston, Wester Cav. 2nd Regt.St.Troops Co.B
Houston, William 16th Cav. Co.H
Houston, William 10th Inf Co.G
Houston, William 22nd lnf Co.G
Houston, William H. 23rd Cav. Co.K
Houston, William Y. 8th Cav. Co.G Capt.
Houston, Z.B. 16th lnf Co.G
Houts, Jacob P. Cav. Martin's Regt. Co.I
Houx, D.P. 20th lnf Co.1 Cpl.
Houx, Nicholas 21st Cav. Co.H Cpl.
Hoverson, John 5th Cav. Co-C
Hovey, Alvin Cav. Ragsdale's Co.
How, Levy Lt.Arty. Dege's Bn. Cpl.
Howald – Only in the Federal Army, dang
Howard, Cav. Bourland's Regt. Co.G
Howard,-- Cav. McCord’s Frontier Regt. Co-E
Howard,-- Cav. McCord's Frontier Regt.Co.K
Howard, A. Cav. McCord's Frontier Regt. Co.H
Howard, A,B. 28th Cav. Co.F
Howard, A.D. Inf 1st St.Troops Saxton's Co.
Howard, A.D. 11th lnf Co.F
Howard, A.H. 7th Inf. Co.B
Howard, A.]. 4th lnf Co.B
Howard, A.J. 21st Inf Co.I
Howard, Abraham 22nd Cav. Co. F
Howard, Andrew J. Inf Griffin's Bn. Co.A
Howard, Annesley 2nd Cav. Co.E
Howard. Asa 15th Cav. Co.E
Howard, B.F. 15th lnf 2nd Co-F
Howard, C.S. 4th lnf. Co.H
Howard, Calvin 10th Cav. Co.C Cpl.
Howard, Calvin Cav. (Dismtd.) Chisum's Regt. Co.K
Howard, Chapman 30th Cav. Co.F Cpl.
Howard, Charles 1st Inf Co.C
Howard, Charles H. 8th Cav. Co.F,I
Howard, Charles R. 21st Cav. Co-B
Howard, Charles W. 3rd Inf. Co.G
Howard, Cyrus H. 14th Cav. Co-1 Sgt.
Howard, D. 2nd lnf Co-E
Howard, D.F. 20th Inf Co.H
Howard, D.W. 32nd Cav. Co.A
Howard, Eli 1st Hvy.Arty, Co.K
Howard, Elijah Samuel 20th Cav. Co.A
Howard, Emory A. 19th Cav. Co.E
Howard, Francis M. 24th Cav. Co.E Sgt.
Howard, Franklin C. 12th inf Co-H Cpl.
Howard, G.A. 28th Cav. Co.F
Howard, G.W. 1st lnf Co.C
Howard, G,W. 9th (Young's) lnf. Co.C
Howard, George T. 28th Cav. Adj.
Howard, George W. 13th Vol. Co.M Cpl.
Howard, George W. 15th inf 2nd Co.H 2nd Lt.
Howard, George W. 18th lnf Co.C
Howard, Gus Cav. Giddings'Bn. Co.A
Howard, H. 33rd Cav. Co.K
Howard, H.L. 18th Inf. Co.E
Howlrd, H.P. 2nd lnf Surg.
Howard, H.P. lnf Houston Bn.
Howard, Hartsford 20th Bn.St.Troops Co.B
Howard, Harvey 10th Inf Co-K
Howard, Henry 4th Inf Co.F
Howard, Henry T. 17th Cav. Co.B
Howard, Hezekiah J. 14th Cav. Co.A
Howard, I.N. 2 Ist lnf Co.I
Howard, Isaac 1st Bn.S.S. Co.F
Howard, Isaac N. 10th Cav. Co.B
Howard, Isaac N. lnf Griffin's Bn. Co.A
Howard. Iverson 20th lnf Co.A
Howard, J. 4th Cav. Co.B
Howard, J. 9th Cav. Co.C
Howard, J.A. 5th Inf. Co.B Cpl.
Howard, J.A. 19th lnf Co.I
Howard, J.C. 13th Vol. 2nd Co.H
Howard, J.C. Terry's Mtd.Co. (St.Troops)
Howard, J.D. 15th Cav. Co.E
Howard, J.F. 35th (Brown's) Cav. Co.F
Howard, J.H. Cav. Bouriand's Regt. Co-H
Howard, J.V. 24th Cav. Co.F
Howard, J.W. 24th & 25th Cav. (Cons.) Co.E Cpl.