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Jehu Hale Hall

Jehu Hale Hall was born abt. 1828 in Ohio Co., KY. He married Mary Elizabeth Keith, daughter of Warren Cash Keith and Margaret Keith, on Feb 11, 1857, in Titus Co., TX (Warren Cash Keith had four sons that were mustered into Co. F, three of which died during the War). Jehu received a Preemptive Claim in Titus Co. for 320 acres. Jehu served the Confederacy during the War, and enlisted on April 25, 1862, in Company F, 18th Texas Volunteer Infantry, in Marion Co., TX, and eventually became a Sergeant. Jehu Hale Hall and his wife were the parents of six children.
Jehu H. Hall's date of death is unknown. The name "J. H. Hall" appears as number 53 on a list of indigent families of Confederate Soldiers dependent on the county for support submitted by the Chief Justice of Titus Co., TX, to Austin, TX, on February 17, 1864. He is shown as deceased, leaving a wife and five children. He and his wife are said to be buried in the Old Keith Cemetery, about 2 miles north of Cookville, Titus Co., TX (the cemetery is covered by brush and growth and is virtually inaccessible).

Source:John T. Hull

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