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Greenwood Cemetery

Marshall, Harrison County, Texas

Marked Confederate Graves



Adams, Archibald Gray b.7/4/1833 d.9/27/1926

Arnold, William T. b.3/25/1843 d.3/12/1915.*

Barber, N. J. b.1845 d.1923.*

Bell, Charles F. b.7/12/1847 d.11/12/1917.*

Bell, Joseph Harrison b.1/26/1840 d.11/18/1921.*

Bonham, Joseph M. b.6/26/1842 d.5/28/1927.*

Bostick, Samuel G. b.10/16/1844 d.11/6/1933.*

Clough, Jeremiah M. b. 1819 d.1862 Lt. Col., 7th Texas Inf. Killed at Fort Donelson.

Coapland, William M. d.3/11/1820 d.9/12/1888.*

Conerly, B. R. b.2/5/1848 d.4/21/1913.*

Corely, A. B. b.8/25/1825 d.2/20/1903 Co. C, 17th Ala.

Durkee, A. G. b.1833 d.1900 Capt. Co. C, 10th Texas Cav.#

Eads, Ben Franklin b.3/19/1833 d.2/1/1903.*

Ector, M. D. d.10/30/1879 aged 57. Brig. Gen.#

Elam, John Waddell b.8/22/1833 d.4/27/1905 Co. D, 32nd La.

Elgin, Thomas Ashford b.3/8/1841 d.5/5/1916 UCV.

Gregg, E. B. b.8/17/1831 d.4/7/09.*

Groves, G. W. b.4/7/1839 d.8/3/1899 SGT. 15th Ark.

Halleck, Jefferson b.8/23/1844 d.11/15/1935 Mes. 4th Regt. NY HVY ARTY.**

Hargrove, William R. b.1/17/1842 d.5/14/1932 5th Sgt., 14th Texas.

Hawthorne, Alexander Travis b.1/10/1825 d.5/31/1899 Col. 6th Ark.

Heartsill, William b.10/17/1839 d.7/27/1916.*

Herndon, Reuben McHenry b.12/24/1838 d.2/26/1915 Cpl. Co. B, 16th Tenn

King, W. H. b.3/28/1836 d.8/9/1915 CSA on headstone.

Langley, Thomas Horace b.1/1/1840 d.3/4/1914 Sgt. Co. E, 1st Texas.

Langley, William Simms b.1838 d.1863 Pvt. Co. E, 1st Texas.

Lipscomb, G. B. b.3/14/1834 d.9/17/1880.*

LLoyd, Ll. W. b.1838 d.1814.*

Muse, James C. Co. E, 5th Tenn. Cav.

P., I. N.*

Pierce, W. C. b.4/30/1843 d.2/20/1915.*

Pope, John Hunter b.3/12/1845 d.9/20/1915.*

Power, K. H. b.1827 d.1880 Co. A 2nd Texas State Troops.

Reynolds, John b.1824 d.1902 Co. I, 39th Al.

Rudd, Wallace S. b.2/3/1845 d.5/12/1927.*

Scott, William M. (Rev.) b.4/4/1845 d.3/7/1936 Pvt. McCray Cav.

Starr, Amory Reily 8/25/1847 d.12/15/1906 CSA on headstone.

Starr, James F. b.3/30/1844 d.1/11/1902 CSA on headstone.

Stauts, George Washington b. 11/7/1834 d. 4/20/1907 CSA on headstone. 3rd Lieut. Co. E,1st Texas Infantry

Strength, John Henry b.4/5/1841 d.11/10/1908.*

Taylor, B. F. b.1/1/1839 S.C. d.4/18/1905.*

Taylor, William C. b.5/11/1839 d.1/21/1919 CSA on headstone.

Womack, John F. b.4/21/1819 d.5/29/1898

Young, James William b.1844 d.1914.*


* CSA Foot Marker

** Yankee Soldier

There are also 9 graves with no headstones just CSA foot markers. Adjacent markers suggest the following names, Dill, Alford, Bryan Callaghan Jr., Robert S. Irion and Power.


To find Geenwood Cemetery take U. S. 80 to downtown Marshall and go north on F. M. 1997 ( N. Grove St. ). Go under the rail road tracks and continue about 3 blocks to East St. Turn west and the Cemetery is straight ahead 3 blocks. East Texas Baptist University borders on the East and North.

Compiled Dec. 2001 by;

Ruston L. Turner

P. O. Box 1903

Marshall, Texas


E-mail: Ruston L. Turner

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