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Ector's Brigade


Boggess Company...Later known as Ectors'brigade


Boggess, Milton M., Capt., age 30

McFarland, James D., 1st Lt., age 29

Bromley, John T., 2nd Lt., age 27

Latham, Abyah B., 3rd Lt., age 25

Nelms, James R., 1st Sgt., age 22

McFarland, Theodore, 2nd Sgt., age 26

Kilgore, Andrew J., 3rd Sgt., age 31

Cooley, Tom, 4th Sgt., age 22

Dean, John, 1st Corpl., age 45

Williams, George W., 2nd Corpl., age 25

Evans, John C., 3rd Corpl., age 28

Coates, Martin B., 4th Corpl., age 23

Hogg, Dickson H. L., Surgeon, age 27

Harris, William H., 1st Bugler, age 18

Boggess, Henry J., 2nd Bugler, age 18

Dean, William D., Farrier, age 25

Jackson, Oliver, Blacksmith, age 26


Anderson, John Y.

Anderson, Martin V.

Brown, John F., 19

Boggess, Brazzelia B., 19

Brown, James H., 19

Bell, Jesse W., 18

Black, William, 18

Cameron, William L., 24

Crow, Robert, 23

Cody, Ezekiel J., 20

Curbo, Willis S., 20

Cooper, William, 25

Cates, Robert, 21

Cates, William, 25

Devereux, Julien S., 20

Dauaire, Alexander, 23

Dean, James K. P., 18

Evans, William H., 26

Gaut, George G. M., 23

Green, Thomas, 34

Hudson, Daniel N., 23

Hoggsett, William D., 22

James, John D., 19

Johnson, George W. H., 26

Keirsey, Calvin, 24

Kinley, Samuel, 23

Killogh, Isaac, 21

Leach, James B., 20

McVay, James G., 18

Moor, Hezekiah V. B., 23

Moore, Silas W., 19

Moorse, Robert, 28

Moore, Hugh G., 20

McDonough, Ira A., 19

McFarland, Orlando, 24

McKee, William H., 18

Maris, Wiley S., 31

McClarty, John G., 32

Neely, George W., 45

Nelms, James A., 19

Parr, James W.

Pirtle, Thomas J., 22

Prewitt, William H., 23

Porter, William E., 24

Pollitt, Frost T., 25

Robinson, Harris B.

Robinson, Thomas H., 23

Reeves, John, 18

Rhea, Thomas W., 18

Smith, Robert W., 18

Steadman, Thomas W., 18

Steuart, William H., 19

Sartain, Francis M., 22

Stanley, William L., 25

Scott, Thomas W., 21

Terry, Calvin G., 28

Taylor, John B., 19

Walling, Jesse T., 21

Wilson, Robert H., 20

Wood, John H., 20

Woodruff, John, 28

White, Charles N., 23

Warriner, Joseph G., 22



Cumby, R. H., Capt.

Ector, M. D., 1st Lt.

Boggess, J. S., 2nd Lt.

Durham, B. F., 2nd Lt.

Park, J. B., 1st Lt.

Childress, R. G., 2nd Lt.

Ruddle, T., 3rd Sgt.

Weir, Andrew, 4 th Sgt.

Brosey, John, 1st Corpl.

Bell, John, 2nd Corpl.

Oliver, R. W., 3rd Corpl.

Isam, W. B., 4 th Corpl.

Hobbs, Harrison, Drummer

Cates, D. J., Fifer


Estell, J. T.

Jameson, R. A.

Jameson, W. C.

McDonough, A. H.

Armstrong, J. R.

Steward, P.

Ray, J. T.

Moss, J. D.

Hall, W. L.

Park, W. L.

Parsons, J. H.

Roberts, J. P.

Reagan, N. M.

Casey, M.

Quarrels, I. I.

Gould, G. H.

Whiteside, J. A.

Parison, A. C.

Diamond, G. W.


Poe, R. W.

Graham, M. D.

Barry, J. T.

Marshall, S. A.

Lesermann, M.

Mayer, M.

Fen, C. A.

Lewis, G. H.

Walling, J. T.

Lovelady, J. C.

Reagan, Charles

Alston, C. B.

Kelley, L. J.

Rosenburg, D.

McKinney, T. P.

Wright, C. C.

Wilson, C. M.

Walling, S. R.

Johnson, J. H.

Pierce, J. R.

Guthrey, J. S.

Davenport, Charles

Guthsey, W. H.

Penn, E. E.

Holt, A.

Fambro, J. M.

Laird, M. V.

Wood, A. S.

Roundtree, J. M.

Kilgore, W.

Richardson, J. H.

Vansickle, E. S.

Scruggs, L. R.

Strong, W. E.

Smith, J. A.

Shaw, D.

Miner, J. C.

Miner, J. W.

Baird, William

Gibbs, J.

Eanett, G. B.

Prior, H. W.

Wasson, J. A.


McCord, J. W.

Smith, W. C.

Dunn, C. A.

Lockridge, J. M.

Carr, Cullen

Ney, J.

Craig, G. C.

Nichols, L. M.

Young, W. H. H.

Young, S.

Hamage, G. H.

Ballenger, J. C.

Watkins, J. P.

Griffin, J. M.

Turner, A. B.

Long, W. C.

Spear, H. F.

Reddick, E. L.

Tatum, W.

Weir, H. S.

Long, T.

Clay, W.

Mixon, J.

Forest, R. A.

Hendrick, J. S.

Deason, J.

Bierd, W.

Sturgess, E. M.

Lewis, C.



Redwine, H. D. E., Capt.

Moore, W. A., 1st Lt.

Brewer, W. T., 2nd Lt.

Jones, P. C., Brevet Lt.

Vansickle, E. S., 1st Sgt.

McCauley, J. H., 2nd Sgt.

Deason, J. H., 3rd Sgt.

Melton, William, 4 th Sgt.

Deason, J. C., 1st Corpl.

Ingle, John, 2nd Corpl.

Cameron, J. M., 3rd Corpl.

York, William, 4 th Corpl.

Mayo, A. S., Ensign


Arnold, M. V.

Berry, S. W.

Barber, John

Buckley, John

Cunningham, James

Culp, L. W.

Curbo, Thomas

Clay, William

Craig, P. B.

Curvin, Thomas

Deason, R. C.

Easley, William

Eaton, Joel

Ector, W. B.

Gibson, Robert

Gatliff, Aaron

Gilley, James

Hargraves, Edward

Hardin, F. P.

Hudson, Francis

Harvey, W. H. H.

Lloyd, I. B.

Langston, Nathan

Ledbetter, J. R.

Melton, P. F.

McAnulty, W. N.

Matthews, William J.

McCarter, J. B.

Mayberry, G. W.

McCauley, R. H.

Muriff, J. M.

Melton, D. I.

Navill, P. J.

Nelson, John Mc.

Nelson, J. W. C.

Oliver, E. H.

Pinkston, Henry

Phillips, Caleb

Parish, S. G.

Redwine, R. F.

Roundtree, J. H.

Ransome, H. B.

Summers, W. T.

Sentill, J. B.

Stone, W. J.

Spence, I. I.

Tucker, W.

Terry, James

Welch, W. H. H.

Waggoner, Agnes

Waggoner, John

Waggoner, Daniel

Wimberly, E. A.

York, Jesse

It has been said that Rusk Co. had more men that enlisted in the Civil War than any other county in Texas. The first company that was organized in Rusk Co. was the Boggess company which was put together on Jan. 29, 1861, after the South's secession from the United States. The Texas troops were not required at first, but on April 6, 1861, the Boggess Co. was reorganized.

James Foy had an interesting life... His brother, cousins and in=laws all enlisted in Border's regiment....One went off chasing deserters and stayed until war over....James Foy's and Thomas W.,s father enlisted at 70years with the 2nd cav.

Source, Jon R Peterson

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