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W.M. Clifton

William “Marion” Clifton was born April 18, 1834 in Lawrence County TN to John Clifton and Acenith Welch. He enlisted at Bright Star with his brother Franklin, cousins James Clifton and John D. Clifton, brother-in-law William Garrett. Marion married Lucinda Garrett in 1857 and had 7 children before his early death in 1877. Marion was elected by his peers to 2LT on August 11, 1864 as recorded in “Texans in Gray: A Regimental History of the 18th Texas Infantry” by James Davis, his National Archives service record (reel #391, microfilm roll #M323), and as declared in a letter written by Marion to his brother Frank published in “Civil War Shadows in Hopkins County” by June Tuck. Frank was home on a medical discharge he received in May 1864, injury or illness is unknown.

Submitted by John D. Clifton

In the 1860 Hopkins County, Texas Census:

W.M. Clifton 25
Lucinda 22
Arminda WELCH 24 Ind
Sarah 6 Tx
Susanna Garrett 63 N.C.

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