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Lt. Colonel J.J. Canon

22nd Texas Infantry

Dr. John Job Canon enlisted August 24,1861, Livingston Texas as a private, Company K 5th Texas Infantry, Hoods Brigade. He gave his residence as Moscow, Texas, and his occupation as a M.D. J.J. Canon was appointed Assistant Regimental Surgeon. He was discharged Nov.6, 1861, for a disability. He re-enlisted March 10, 1862 in Company F, 22nd Texas Infantry, Hubbard's Battalion. He was appointed Adjutant of the Battalion. When re-organized into a Regiment, J.J. Canon was promoted to Lt.Col, and in Command of the Regiment due to Hubbard's absence. He led the rear guard for Walkers Division in La. He was wounded at Mansfield, La in the shoulder on April 8, 1864. J.J. Canon was wounded again in skirmishes in Arkansas. J.J. Canon was in Command of the Regiment when it disbanded in Houston, Texas in May 1865. Surrendered by E. Kirby Smith on June 2, 1865 in Galveston, Texas.

Submitted by Rodney Bode

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