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Andrew Simpson Burns

Andrew Simpson Burns was born in Georgia about 1824. He lived in Claiborne Parrish, Louisiana as a young man. He married Mary Allen on March 10, 1850 in Arkansas. Claiborne Parrish, Louisiana borders Arkansas and he lived closer to a courthouse in Arkansas than to a courthouse in Louisiana.
Andrew and Mary Burns had three children. Marcus Cheatum, born October of 1855, Louisianna Belle born in 1856 and Elizabeth born in 1859. By 1860 Andrew and Mary were in Angelina County, Texas. They came to Texas with his Mary’s brothers. Andrew S. Burns joined the 18th Texas Volunteer Infantry, Company L, in Elysium, Angelina County, Texas and served for four years. He returned from the war with a leg injury. His records state that he has a "chronic sore leg".
Andrew and Mary remained in Allentown the rest of their lives. Andrew died April 5, 1902 at the age of 78. He is buried in the Gann Cemetery in Angelina County, Texas. His grave and marker is inside an iron fence. There are no other markers and it is assumed that his wife, Mary, is buried beside him.

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