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36th Texas Cavalry

The Thirty-Sixth Texas Cavalry, the highest officially numbered Texas Cavalry regiment, was organized in late 1863 at Belton, Texas. For some unknown reason, the regiment was frequently known as the Thirty-Second Texas Cavalry. There was a previously organized regiment with that designation and there was no connection between the two units. (To further complicate identification, the Thirty-Second Texas Cavalry was often incorrectly known as the Fifteenth Texas Cavalry, and, needless to add, there was another unit by that number.

Information on ten of the regiment's companies has been found.

Company A men from Caldwell County
Company B men from Guadalupe County
Company C men from Sulphur Springs - Hopkins County
Company D men from Gonzales County & Bee County
Company E men from DeWitt County
Company F men from Comal County
Company G men from DeWitt County, Texas
Company H men from Belton - Bell County
Company I men from Gonzales County
Company K men from Caldwell County

Like almost all Civil War units, the Thirty-Sixth Texas Cavalry was frequently known by an alternate designation derived from the name of its commanding officer.

Peter C. Woods' Cavalry
Nathaniel Bentonís Cavalry
Stokely M. Holmes' Cavalry
William 0. Hutchinson's Cavalry
R. M. White's Cavalry
The Thirty-Sixth Texas Cavalry served in Louisiana and Texas during its career. Listed below are the specific higher command assignments of the regiment.

Dec. 31, 1863 - Second Brigade, First Division, Western SubDistrict, District of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, Trans-Mississippi Department
Jan. 31, 1864 - Camp near Cedar Lake, Eastern Sub-District, District of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, Trans-Mississippi Department
Sept. 30, 1864 - Eighth (Texas) Brigade, Third (Texas) Cavalry Division, Third Corps, Army of Trans-Mississippi
Dec. 31, 1864 - Sixth Texas Brigade, Second Texas Cavalry Division, First Corps, Army of Trans-Mississippi
March 31, 1865 - Hardemann's Brigade, Bee's Cavalry Division, Wharton's Cavalry Division, Army of TransMississippi

The Thirty-Sixth 'fexas Cavalry participated in engagements in Louisiana di-ring the Red River Campaign. One unofficial report states that the unit skirmished daily from mid-Marcli through the end of 'Aay, 1364. While this cannot be quite substantiated from official sources, the list below shows that the regiment fought continuously during this time.

Operations against Banks' Red River Campaign - March 10 - May 22, 1864
Skirmishes, Monett's Ferry (1) and Cloutierville - March 29 - 30, 1864 (2), Louisiana
Action, Natchitoches, Louisiana (3) - March 31, 1864
Skirmish, Crump's Hill, Piney Woods, Louisiana (4) - April 2, 1864
Engagement, Campti, Louisiana (5) - April 4, 1864
Engagement, Wilson's Farm (-6) near Pleasant Hill (7), Louisiana - April 7, 1864
Skirmishes, Bayou De Paul (Carroll's Mills) (8) near Pleasant Hill (7), Louisiana - April 8, 1864
Battle, Sabine Cross Roads (9), Mansfield (10) near Pleasant Hill (7), Louisiana - April 8, 1864
Engagement, Pleasant Hill, Louisiana (7) - April 9, 1864
Action, Pleasant Hill Landing, Blair's Landing, Louisiana (11) - April 12 - 13, 1864
Skirmishes about Cloutierville, Louisiana (2) - April 22 - 24, 1864
Engagement, Monett's Ferry (1) (Cane River Crossing), Louisiana - April 23, 1864
Skirmishes, Bayou Rapides Bridge (12) and McNutt's Hill (13), Alexandria(14), Louisiana, - April 26, 1864
(440) Skirmish, Alexandria, Louisiana (14) - April 27, 1864
Skirmishes, Alexandria, Louisiana (14) - April 29, 1864
Skirmish, Ashwood Landing, Louisiana - May 1, 1864
Skirmishes, Governor Moore's Plantation, La. - May 1 - 4, 1864
Skirmish, Governor Moore's Plantation, La. - May 2, 1864
Skirmishes about Alexandria, Louisiana (14) - May 2 - 9, 1864
Action, Governor Moore's Plantation, La. - May 3, 1864
Action, Graham's Plantation, Louisiana - May 5, 1864
Skirmish, Bayou Lamourie, Louisiana (15) - May 7, 1864
Skirmishes, Alexandria, Louisiana (14) - May 12, 1864
Operations against Retreat from Alexandria (14) to Morganza (16), Louisiana - May 13 - 20, 1864
Skirmish, Avoyelles Prairie (Marksville Prairie), Louisiana (17) - May 13, 1864
Engagement, Mansura (18). Belle Prairie (Smith's Plantation), Marksville (17), La. - May 161 1864
Action near Moreauville, Bayou DeGlaize, La. (19) - May 17, 1864
Engagement, Yellow Bayou (20), Bayou DeGlaize(19), Norwood's Plantation (Old Oaks), Louisiana - May 18, 1864

Shortly after the end of the Red River Campaign, the Thirty-Sixth Texas Cavalry returned to eastern Texas, It served at various locations there until early in 1865. Ordered to Galveston, it served as garrison for that city and on Provost duty.

Unlike most Civil War units in Texas, the Thirty-Sixth Texas Cavalry was actually in the city of Galveston when the surrender was agreed upon. The regiment was paroled at Galveston in early June, 1865.

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