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Company H

Wallace, H. A., Capt., Minden

McCallum, D. A., 1st Lt., Pine Hill

Hays, C. S., 2nd Lt., 28, Yancy, Panola Co.

Brooks, J. R. K., 3rd Lt., 30, Minden

Barksdale, W. E., 1st Sgt., 34, Yancy, Panola Co.

Ray, J. R., 2nd Sgt., 30, Mt. Enterprise

Hays, B. F., 3rd Sgt., 26, Minden

Deason, J., 4 th Sgt., 32, Pine Hill

Turner, R. R., 1st Corpl., 31, Mt. Enterprise

Hays, D. M., 2nd Corpl., 27, Minden

Parker, F. J., 3rd Corpl., 34, Minden

Hull, R. L., 4 th Corpl., 19, Mt. Enterprise

Adkins, J. F., Drummer, 30, Murval

Dulin, D., Fifer, 38, Minden


Akins, J. D., 19, Murval

Arnold, J. T., 29, Minden

Arledge, J., 29, Mt. Enterprise

Acrey, W., 28, Mt. Enterprise

Acrey, D., Mt. Enterprise

Acrey, J., Mt. Enterprise

Anderson, J. E., 30, Mt. Enterprise

Bane, J. A., 30, Mt. Enterprise

Baker, G. T., Mt. Enterprise

Baker, W., 17, Mt. Enterprise

Barry, A. L., Pine Hill

Barry, A. B., Pine Hill

Burns, C. G., 17, Minden

Bates, W. J., 32, Mt. Enterprise

Burkhalter, William, 30, Brily Town

Burns, W. S. H., 18, Minden

Billingsley, T. P., 50, Mt. Enterprise

Cook, James, 28, Rusk Co.

Conner, P. G., 23, Yancy

Conner, John V., 24, Panola Co.

Connally, J. W., 27, Harmony Hill

Drennen, J. C., 21,

Deason, J. C., 34, Minden

Doherty, R. J., 31, Brily Town

Duncan, S. S., 34, Pine Hill

Edge, J., 25, Mt. Enterprise

Easley, J. O., 34, Caledonia, Rusk Co.

Easley, W. M., 24, Caledonia

Ferguson, A., 30, Minden

Gentry, John T., 18

Grimes, W. R., 32, Rusk Co.

Grimes, J., 23, Briley Town

Grimes, M. H., 31

Giles, J., 33, Pine Hill

Gage, H., 26, Rusk Co.

Ghentry, J. G., 30, Rusk Co.

Gowens, R. H., 34, Rusk Co.

Golden, N. A., 21

Guthrie, T., 18, Minden

Holly, R. R., 21, Rusk Co.

Hunt, T., 27, Rusk Co.

Harris, T. J., 19

Harper, J. H., 29, Rusk Co.

Hudman, J. T., 21, Rusk Co.

Hawkins, C. C., 30, Rusk Co.

Holleman, G. W., 40, Rusk Co.

Hays, W. H. H., 24, Rusk Co.

Hallume, R. B., 20, Rusk Co.

Harris, W. D., 34

Holly, S., 32, Mt. Enterprise

Irby, B., 27

Jones, J. M., 19, Mt. Enterprise

Jones, T. L., Mt. Enterprise

Jones, J. H., 27

Kuykendall, W. A., 21, Yancy, Panola Co.

Koonce, J. A., 30, Rusk Co.

Lee, W. W., 20, Rusk Co.

Leslie, J. A., 34, Rusk Co.

Little, J. C. J., 18, Murval

McCall, L. D., 21, Rusk Co.

McCrary, N. D., 18, Mt. Enterprise

McKnight, J. F., 20, Rusk Co.

Moseley, T. J., 21, Rusk Co.

Nall, J. M., 29, Rusk Co.

Nichols, William, 44, Mt. Enterprise

Nicks, T. L., 21, Rusk

Osburn, G. W., 33, Rusk Co.

Owens, W. J.

Parker, A. J., 33, Rusk Co.

Peterson, J. F., 22, Rusk Co.
Captured at the Battle of Ft DeRussey

Parker, W. E., 28, Rusk Co.

Parker, J., 37, Rusk Co.

Peurifoy, A. J., 29, Rusk Co.

Riley, J. T., 27, Mt. Enterprise

Radburn, J. D., 34, Mt. Enterprise

Rhodes, J. O., 33, Murval

Reinhatt, J. P. H., 22, Murval

Robertson, E. T., 30, Panola Co.

Reid, J. M., Rusk Co.

Scott, F. M., 30, Yancy, Panola Co.

Singletary, Robert, 34, Rusk Co.

Strickland, W. A., 23

Stanley, A., 31, Rusk Co.

Stoveall, G. L., 27, Rusk Co.

Stone, T. W. S., 20, Panola Co.

Smith, J. D., 30, Mt. Enterprise

Smith, Charles, 50, Mt. Enterprise

Tinkle, G. L., 18, Rusk Co.

Turner, R. G. W., 26, Rusk Co.

Thomas, B. W., 26, Rusk Co.

Treadwell, W. L., 19, Rusk Co.

Wright, J. C., 29, Mt. Enterprise

Wood, H. F., 23, Rusk Co.

West, H., 33, Rusk Co.

Welch, J. A. H., 18, Minden, Rusk Co.

Wallace, W. M., 35, Mt. Enterprise

Walker, J., 20, Rusk Co.

Whitfield, W. B., Rusk Co.

This company was from Rusk Co., but also had many others from Panola & Nacogdoches Counties. Disease was rampant in this outfit, causing 25 deaths in the last half of 1862 of of the remaining troops, only 1/2 were well enough to make roll call. Capt. Wallace wrote a moving journal account of his company in which he describes much of the suffering of his troops which describes such things as starving, sleeping in the snow without tents or blankets & of the illness they suffered.

Source: Jon Peterson

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