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Jane's Perkins BRICK WALL Genealogy Webpage

Hello! This website was created in an attempt to gather further genealogy information on the Perkins surname and family history, as well as to contact others who are Perkins family members or who are researching the Perkins surname, as I am.  If you have any information that you would be willing to share, or that would be helpful in locating and confirming my "connections" between your lineage and my husband's , please e-mail me at

In my researching of my husband's lineage, I have hit two "brick walls" (or "road-blocks") - (1) Uriah Perkins (b. July 1812 in KY) and Marion Perkins (b. 1853 in TX).  The following information is all that I have been able to gather together at this time, (except for a possible Cherokee connection to Marion Perkins's wife, Sarah, whose father was supposed to have been a full-blooded Cherokee): 

#1 - Uriah PERKINS (b. July 1812 in KY). He was orphaned at an early age and raised by an unknown family with whom he would serve as an apprentice cabinet maker. He married a woman by the name of "Viney" (last name unknown) in TN, moved to MS in 1840, and then moved finally to Texas in 1850. He died on Feb. 12, 1884 in Gordon-Blue Flat (Palo Pinto County) Texas.  He and his first wife "Viney" had seven children:

  1. Milton (b. circa 1839 in MS)
  2. Preston (b. circa 1844 in MS)
  3. Ezekiel (b. circa 1844 in MS)
  4. Mary J. (b. circa 1841 in MS)
  5. Minerva (b. circa 1846 in MS)
  6. Marion (b. circa 1853 in TX)
  7. Emily W. (b. circa 1859 in TX)

In 1860, Uriah Perkins remarried a second wife, Mary Jane Gilliland, in Wise County or Parker County in Texas. He and his second wife, Mary, had six children:

  1. Vienna (b. unknown)
  2. Electra (b. circa 1865 in TX)
  3. Margaret E. (b. circa 1870 in TX)
  4. John (b.25 July 1867 in TX)
  5. Bill (b.unknown)
  6. Uriah W. (b. circa 1873 in TX)

#2. Marion Perkins (b. 1853 in TX - possibly in Smith County).  He married Sarah Margaret Miller on 16 Mar 1872 in Wilson County, TX.  Marion and Sarah's only (known)child was Joah "Joe" Greene (b. 22 Jan 1869 in TX).

I have been unable to find any records on Marion Perkins, except for Census and Marriage records. The last Census record I found that listed Marion was the 1870 Census of Wilson County, TX.  The 1880 Census of Wise County, TX, lists Marion's wife, Sarah, and their son, Joah, as living with Sarah's sister and brother-in-law, Thomas and Clarissa Culwell.

If you have any further information on Uriah Perkins and/or Marion Perkins, and their lineages, please e-mail me at Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jane Perkins
Genealogy Researcher
Lakehills, TX 78063



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