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Parental Rights

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Forced grandparent and third party visitation has become one of the hottest topics to date. As a fit parent, we should be able to raise our children without government intervention. The only reason the government should ever step in and intervene is when a child is being harmed.

The AARP would like you to believe that every parent who has been sued for visitation is a drug addict or is abusive in one way or another. What they don't tell you is that many of these parents were their own children. If they couldn't raise their own children right, then how do they think they are going to raise their grandchildren right. They also tell you that there is a very high percentage of grandparents who have taken on the burden of raising their grandchildren. If this is so, then these grandparents should also be concerned about their own parental rights. If you are a grandparent and the legal guardian of a child, then you too could be sued for forced grandparent and third party visitation. It is my belief that we should all be on the same side. After all, we are fighting for the same thing...the right to raise our children without outside intervention.

The point is that just because families don't get along, doesn't mean that court intervention is going to solve anything. Especially, when we are dealing with a fit parent or parents in the case. Parents have the ultimate say in their children's lives. Grandparents and third parties are not responsible for raising these children. They are not responsible for clothing them, feeding them, or for any of their other daily activities. The courts, the grandparents and third parties need to respect the rights that parents have and respect their parental decisions.

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