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Palcadon's Library

Being prepared for your journey's, no matter where they may take you, is the secret to a long and healthy adventuring career.

Here you will find resources to help you prepare,and maybe some to give ya a boost. The material here is meant for both Player Characters and DMs.


Palcadon's Netbooks:

Below is listed my entire collection of Netbboks. I have broken them into two categories; Netbooks and Adventures.These are all in AD&D 2nd Edition format, with the advent of D&D 3E, I will work to convert these as time allows and add them to a 'D&D 3E' page.

You will need a zip utility to view these files. If you don't have one you can download a free evaluation of WinZip here.

If you can't find a Netbook and know it is out there, or if you would like your Netbook featured here, please leave a message in the The Forum

Netbooks An unofficial AD&D Hanbook by Weldon Chen. A how to Draconian Hanbook based in TSRs Dragonlance. The Book of Ages by Nordaq Elbreth of Mimir aka. The Wanderer (Robert Sylvain). A must read. The Complete Guide to Alcohol for Roleplaying Games. Unearthed Arcania by the members of ADND-L mailing list The Netbook of Armour Ver. 1.0 by Hugo Chesshire. Based on AD&D armaments and armour, with a section of new armour types. Rhianne Tar-Brynns Arms and Armour. A compilation of the books: Book of Battledress, Book of Blades 4, and Book of Weapons 2. The RPG Bible. Weapons by Ian Shirm (Sandman). Over four hundered weapons, mostly swords. The Gallery of Magical Blades Ver. 4.00 (1996) by Gian Luca Sacco and Christopher A. Brooks (Phantos). The Gallery of Magical Blades (ver. 5) 1998. By Gian Sacco, Chris Brooks and Gary M. McDermott. The Bloodmage Class by Legolas (Devon James). The Tome of the Damned Ver. 1.666. By Brennan Brooks. The Complet Book of Half Elves. By Gen Dorsey. The Netbook of Books V1.0 by Andy. The Book of Souls. A netbook for Ravenloft and Gothic Earth settings. The Guid to Thieves Cant for AD&D. By Shaun Hately. Peako's Book o' Cantrips The Complete Guide Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. Ceasar's Netbook. By Jean Be'land JR. The Great Classes and Kits Netbook (Tomes 1 and 2). By Sebastian Martin. The Codex of Arcane,Magical,and Mystical Items. By Erik Trimble. The Complete Commoners Handbook. By Brothers Entertainment. Miscast Spell Results (The Backfire Table). Critters 3rd Edition. By Ra'orn Tar-Bryan The Netbook of Cults (Version 2). By Dominique Croulet. Tome of The Damned (version 2) Enticement of the Dead. By Brennon Brooks (The Dark Paladin). The Netbook of Darklords and Realms (1st Edition). By Yayn. A collection of the work of many players and DMs for the AD&D setting of Dark Sun. The Complete Netbook of Demons and Their Relatives. Mental Disorders, a netbook of mental disorders and their effects in roleplay. The Netbook of Dungeon Keeper Rules, by Soul Seeker. A collection of Netbooks for DMs. Another collection of goodies for DMs. Yet another collection of DM stuff. 'Make the World a Happening Place'. A Netbook about Worldbuilding, by Rick Underwood. 'Forgotten Realms Notebook'. Five volumes of Forgotten Realms extras. 'Religion in the Forgotten Realms'. Table format with 34 images. Need a laugh? Need a Dice Game? The fun pack is for you. 'The Great Elemental Netbook'. A guide to the inner planes (ver. 1.0), by Itzhak Even and David "Draegarius" Alexander. " The Great Elemental Netbook Part2". 'The Netbook of Ghosts",by I. Mark Carlson. 'The Great Net Pantheon (ver. 3)',by Steven R. Hamby. 'The Great Net Equipment List (ver. 3)', by Mark J. Carrasco. 'Gygaxiam Saga", a poem by Thaco. 'The Complete Book of Half-Elves', by General Dorsey. 'Guide to Herbs for RPGs (3rd Edition)',by Shaun Hately. 'The Heretic Netbook (2nd Editon)'. Based on the Heretic RPG,by Xeno. A Netbook designed to bring the Highlander to AD&D. Needs editing. A must read for Highlander fans. Bring an Immortal into a Ravenloft Gothic Earth setting. By Kevin and Stacy Web. A compilation of short documents on various subjects. Unsigned. 'The (more or less) Complete Guide to Hygiene for Fantasy Role-Play', by Randi at I.U. Needs editing. A very complete compilation of RPG items in table format,by Devon Jones. 'The Intercontinental Union of Disgusting Characters', by Roger M. Wilcox 1986. 'The Netbook of Practical Jokes and Pranks 1.0', by Eric C. Ferguson. 'Kings of the Wild, The Animal Lords of the Beastlands'. A Planescape Netbook, by Dave King. 'The Lamest AD&D Monsters Ever', by Matthew Frederick. 'Law System', by Christian Jurvanen. A system of penalties for breaking the RPG law. 'Mage Guild Template', by Catherine Keene. A template to layout a Mage guild. 'The Net Tome of Magick', by Robert A. Hayden. Magick spells for Mages and Priests. 'Netbook of Martial Art Styles'. Unsigned. 'The Complete guide to Metallica, for Role-Playing Games'. Unsigned. 'Tome of Mighty Magic', by North Pole Publications. A spell book for high level Magic Users. A utility for converting AD&D monsters to Saga, by Jay Weber. 'The Magnificent Monstrous Database (3rd Edition)',by Roger D. Mast JR. A recently compiled archive of monsters in HTML, by several authors. 'Rel Men, Real Role-Players,Loonies,and Munchkins', by Jeff Okamato, Sandy Petrion and many others from Pacificon 1983. The definitive study of Role-Player types. Mystara Netbook', by Matrix. A complete RPG for your adventuring. 'Net AD&D Player's Supplement', by Dave Medvitz. 'The Netbook of Names,Buisnesses, Items, Geographical Locations, Peoples and Catch-All',by Robert Christian. 'The Net Monstrous Compendium (Version 2)', compiled by Robert Christian. 'The Netbook of Proficiencies (v. 2.0)', by Soth69. 'The Great Net Race Book (v. 1.0)', by TaylorA12 and Palidian. 'Net Topics From ADND-L (v. 1.0)', by Muad'Dib The Nightbringer. 'The Bluefire Rules', by Noam Ben-Ari. 'The Complete Nik-Nak Handbook', Unsigned. 'The Netbook of Ninjas', by Lord Eadric. 'The Net Libram of Wild Magic', compiled by Marc Sherman from Rec.Games.FRP.DND. 'Master Non Weapon Proficiency List',by Blue Troll. 'Magical Compendium of Novel Incantations', by Plasto Quinon. 'Off the Cuff NPCs', by Mellissa C. Thompson. 'Ultimate NPCs Hanbook (Vol. 1) Warriors', by Clyde Caldwell. 'Ultimate NPCs Hanbook (Vol. 2) Magic Users', by Bowser. 'Ultimate NPCs Handbook (Vol. 3) Cleric, Druid, Thief, Monk, Bard, Psionic and Special', by Clyde Caldwell. 'A More Complete Guide to the Outer Planes', by Dave King 'Second Edition Net Oriental Rules Conversion', by Andrew R. Twyman. Oriental Adventures converted to 2nd Edition AD&D. 'Perception, An Optional Statistic', by Xeno. Uses sight, hearing, and touch as another ability. 'Planescape Net Hanbook', by David J. Goehrig (Electric Monk). A guide to The Planes. 'The Complete Guide to Poisons of The Realms', Unsigned. 'The Great Net Prayer Book', by Boudewiijn Wayers. 'The Complete Price List Netbook', by Denis Ricard. 'The S&P Psionics Netbook', by Pscion. 'The Al-Qadim Netbook,' by Hassan Smoothfeather. 'The Great Net Race Book', by TaylorA12. 'The Round Table Gaming Group,' by Stephen R. Smith. 'The Infamous Net.Book.Riddles, Version 3.0', by Mark Manning. 'The Complete Guide to Sanity For Role-Playing Games', Unsigned. 'The Complete Guide to Unlawful Carnal Knowledge for Fantasy Role-Playing Games', Unsigned. 'Net.PSI.Book2', by Pscion. 'Netbook of Bard Songs', by Daltrin the Cheerful (Jeff Gostin). 'The Great Net Spellbook, 6th Edition', by Boudewiijn Wayers. 'Street Fighter Kits', by A Dedicated Student. 'The Net Libram of Random Magical Effects, Version 1.20', by Orrex. 'The Complete Guide to AD&D Technology for Fantasy Role-Playing Games', by Desmond. 'A Thieves Guild for Fantasy Cities', by Matthew J. Iden. 'Theory', by Wade. Theory and discussion on illusions in AD&D. 'Thom_Monster_Manual', by Thomas. A collection of Monsters. 'Timeline', by Major Domo. A timeline and history of 'Forgotten Realms'. 'The Trap Collection', by Jason Seeley. 'Trap Collection 2', by Jason Seeley. 'The AD&D Guide to Star Trek', by Desmond Reid. 'The Book of Tricks and Traps', by Jason Seeley.

TW& 'Net Guide to The Will and The Way', Unsigned. 60 Psionic sciences and devotions. 'Un-Earthed Arcania', by The Members of ADND-L. 'The Great Book of Undead, Vol. 1', Unsigned. 'AD&D Vampire Conversion Guide', by Ron Poirier. 'The Vampire and Vampirism Netbook', by I. Marc Carlson. 'The Real Story Behind The Warehouse', by Uncle Bear. A compilation of what is stored in the warehouse in the end scene of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'. 'What's In A Name', by Rick Underwood. 'The Net Libram of Wild Magic,Second Edition', by Marc Sherman. 'The Net Wizard's Hanbook', by Jim Gitzlaff. 'Workshop', by Rick Underwood. A collection of magic items. 'World Creation', by Rich Staats. 'The Complete Crossbow', by Simon Gibbs. 'The Experience Awards System', by Olik-Ole Andreas Ringdal.