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The sun has sunken beneath the Western horizon, marking the end of day and the start of night. Cloaked in darkness, she seems to emit her own ethereal light, glowing with vitality. She is on the prowl tonight in her endless quest for blood.

Born to humanity, her unintended transformation to vampire wiped out her conscious memories of her life as a young woman, though strange and oddly-placed glimpses of her past occasionally resurface in the form of a particular skill. An example would be her knack for sewing: though an accomplished seamstress, embroidery is her forte, fueled by a vampires obsession and compulsion.

Having had no guide in her vampiric life, she makes her way on instinct. As a snake leaves it's young to fend for themselves, so did her sire leave her to find her own way. At times behaving as a well-born aristrocrat, she is quite capable of luring in a meal. At other times she is pure predator.

Standing at 5'7" and weighing in at 125 pounds, she slips easily between roles. Hair of a dark, rich brunette and eyes of deep brown, they provide a perfect compliment to her pale complexion. Known by Willow-Brook or any variation of the first or second parts of her name, she has not revealed her true name to anyone. To know one's true name is to have power over that person.

Holding no affiliations with families or clans, she swore them off long ago. Bad luck, twists of fate, and infidelity-- perhaps she was only meant to be alone just as her sire had left her so many years ago.