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Traveler's Inn

Welcome to the Inn of the Traveler.

-The idea behind this realm is *freedom*.

-Here you will be allowed to play your character(s) as you see fit, without many restrictions. Theough medieval-based, one can, using their imaginations, work futuristic (or ancient, as the case may be) elements into their role play.

-----i.e.- For a medieval timeline, one assumes that things (such as electricity, batteries, cell phones, computers, etc., etc.) do not exist. But, with a little imagination, one may be able to plausibly incorporate them in their storylines (SLs).

-GODS. If one wants to play a god, then have a go at it. There are no elections or appointments and no one is required to worship or even acknowledge the existance of any or all the gods. How the god is played is up to the player. [I suggest researching the various gods of different cultures and perhaps enlisting the help of existing "gods" to point the way to helpful information] If you choose this path, be forewarned that there are no rules to prevent anyone from challenging your godhood. It is up to the player entirely to maintain their position.

-OOC. Out Of Character (OOC) is to remain OOC. If someone is bothering you, I suggest placing them on ignore. The people here do not fancy themselves mediators or a police force and make no claim to protection.

-If you do not particularly appreciate how someone RPs, place them on ignore. No one is forcing you to watch, and you are not required to play in any SL. Some SL material is deemed inappropriate: rape and molestation being the two that immediately come to mind. These are not to be allowed in the main room. It is expected that you follow this simple rule and will not have to be asked to cease the SL.

-There is no "power" to be had by being a cheat OOC. Any power that is available is completely IC (in Character) and would be dependant on the other players and their willingness to play along.

-RACES. The races one wishes to portray is only limited by the imagination.

-By the standards of some, this would not be considered a "real rpg". What was envisioned at its creation is a place to explore our imaginations, to develop our characters, to play in a pleasant environment.

-No player is to feel obligated to do *anything* to maintain "recognition" within the game. There are no required amounts of SLs, and one is not expected to make an appearance in the main chat room for a certain amount of time. While your nic is required to be registered with the server, no one is required to register a character with the game except that it would be helpful to other players and your hitpoints will be increased from time of registration.

-HP. HitPoints. Simple.
Unregistered nics- 3 points.
Reg. nics less than 1 month old- 4 points
reg. nics 1 month or more- 5 points
(Subject to change as game matures)

-Banning and Kicking. This is unlikely to happen unless someone is just bound and determined to make an ass of themself.

-I will end this with two words: RESPECT and FUN. Everyone is expected to show basic respect for the other players in the game. And the whole intent of the game is for people to have fun!

I hope you have a good time!!!