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Come into Willow's Home...

The Will to survive tragedies

Born to unknown parents in a strange land, I was adopted into Tyran's Cove and its strange culture. Choosing to keep my past a secret, I instead focus on the future I have in Tyran.

I chose the name "Willow" for myself for several reasons:
for the willow tree (which bends to the strong winds but does not break, whose branches offer shelter, and whose bark offers medicinal treatment)
And for the word "will" which is contained within my name, a testament to the determination of my spirit. It also alludes to my tendency to be stubborn and headstrong.

I was formerly married to Aramic, a counselor by profession and nature, and together we created a beautiful little girl named CriostalLear.

I am no fighter, prefering to fight my battles with a quill and ink instead of a sword, though I carry a dagger for utilitarian purposes. I offer my support to those that do fight, especially for the good of Tyran or its inhabitants.

I hold a fascination for the political workings of any land, and Tyran is no different. I am intrigued by the manipulations of the leaders, and by those behind the leaders. Certain people have worked hard to shape the government into order from chaos. I bow to them respectfully for they have done a thankless job.

Physical Description

Stands 5'7", 135 lbs. Eyes so dark a shade of brown they are nearly black, and long brunette hair, glinting blonde, copper, and black.

Personal History

Married to zX_Gabriel_GD (son of GDeath_of_Dk), no resulting children. Gabriel is now deceased.
Married to Aramic, now divorced. One child (CriostalLear).

"Does the song of the sea end at the shore;
Or in the hearts of those who listen to it?"
~Kahlil Gibran