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Appearance: 5'7", 135 lbs., dark brown soulful eyes, long brunette hair.

Race: Vampire

Personality: Generally sweet, but with an evil streak buried deep within. Feircely loyal to loved ones. Empathic: tends to feel the emotions of others and act accordingly.

Children: Joker, who has since disappeared. Perticus, son of Penance, killed in battle and resurrected.

Grandchild: jG_Mortis, son of Perticus.

History: Tracy was found wandering blindly in a distant land by Sk_JohnKasper, and adopted as his daughter. He brought her back to Tyran and made her a princess in the Sk clan. John was killed, and the clan disbanded, and Tracy's adoptive mother, Sk_Hunter, has since disappeared, along with her brother, Zack.

After finding herself unhappy with clanlife, Tracy decided to strike out on her own. For many months she remained without a clan until she met the Sd clan, and knowing upon meeting them that she had finally found her home. Among the other clans she has belonged to since her arrival in Tyran so long ago are Sk (Shalia Knights), VI (Vampires Immortal), zX (Zealot Xanadu), and eK (Emerald Kingdom).