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Born of humanity and daylight, Willow was turned into a being of night - a vampiress. She must stalk her prey and feast upon their lifeblood, letting its warm richness strengthen and invigorate her. Her victims include anything of human origin, be it mortal or immortal, though she has her preferences.

Though she has very little memory of her mortal life, she is able to tread amongst humanity unnoticed, her mannerisms completely at odds with her darker self. She appears as a kind-hearted young woman, endearing in her humility, but willing to speak out on behalf of the downtrodden. Her dark side is wicked and beautiful. A ruthless hunter when the bloodlust rises, she is capable of most any deception to fulfill her needs and satisfy her cravings.

Willow has only vague memories of the vampire who changed her.They include the drawing of her first vampiric breath, the feeling of awakening, and the desperate thirst as she opened her eyes to look upon her master. An unwillingl master, it seems, as she recalls his shocked expression. But he offered himself to complete the process, letting her partake of his blood, and then he pointed the way to Tyran's Cove--a place where their kind, and others, could reside at a distance from the society that casts them out--before retreating from her and into the night. He still lives. She feels it. But he is no more to her than her dreamlike memories.

She entered Tyran and took the name WillowBrook, entering a clan of fellow vampires and mystic humans, among other races: the Emerald Kingdom. She remained there quite content for awhile, before finding her way to the House of Grim. She has since departed that familia, unsatisfied with her treatment, striking out on her own.

Preferring to look forward instead of living in the past, Willow would like to mention her past relationships only breifly. Her first marriage was to Gabriel_GD, son of GDeath, and ended in his death. Her second marriage was to Aramic and resulted in a daughter, CriostalLear, Gaelic for Crystal Ocean. Unfortunately, the marriage also resulted in infidelity and abandonment, and thus she persued divorce.

Her third marriage was the unlikely coupling of herself and Death-War, a former vampire-slayer. He has shared his strength, power, and intensity with Willow, as well as his love. He pushed her to be her best and shun her weaknesses. She turned him to vampire and showed him the delights of blood. His heart has turned cold and expressed his desire to be free of her. Though she still houses his soul within her, she has granted him his wish and let him be. There is noting more to be said.