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Welcom to Flying H Kennel

Hello. My name is Billy Hubler. I hunt Treeing Walkers. We are a family owned small kennel. We live in Euless, Texas. It is between Dallas and Ft Worth. There are five of us. My wife Brooks, who is very supportive. My son Davyd, my faithful companion, who is six. My daughter Heather, who is 19 months. Lastly, my new son, Logan, who is 3 months old.

We always have a started dog or two, due to the fact that it is what I like to do, train young hounds. We like to attend a lot of PKC and UKC hunts.

We have two dogs ready to sell right now. One is a Harwood Maniac pup. We call him Cobra. The other is pup is out of Kansas Kotter and Kansas Dancin Anna. We call him Oz.

My son, Davyd.

This is my pride and joy, Davyd Hubler. He is the next generation of coonhunters for the Hubler clan. He will go all night with you and the only complaint that you will hear is, "Daddy you're too fast and I am too slow," all in the same breath.

Davyd and Copper

Here is a hound that handles real well on the tree. He hugs the tree or a limb. His head is always thrown back and bawling, when he trees. He is Hillbilly Mac bred on both sides. His sire is a Gr. Nite Ch. and his dam needs one more win to be a Gr. Nite Ch..

Davyd and Copper

KC is a daughter of Houses Lipper and her dam was a Nite Ch.. She is a nice well rounded hound. When she trees she stays treed and chops every breath until you lead her away.

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