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Welcome to Cude Gunworks

Hello, my name is Walton Cude, the author of the Ultimate Makarov Guide. Many hours of research have been invested into this book which covers a very fine little Cold War era auto-pistol....please read through these pages, and feel free to give me your feedback!

The Makarov, or Pistolet Makarova, as it is called by it's Russian Creators, is a very well made little blowback-operated pistol. Many of the early articles written about the makarov claimed that it was a "knock-off" of the German-made Walther PP. This claim is a good example of what happens when people fail to really observe what it is they are attempting to explain... I was frustrated as i tried to learn more about this fine little pistol... the more I read, the more I found out that there just wasn't very much to be found out about this pistol, which was created in secrecy during the Cold War. That secrecy, I saw as a challenge, and along with some urging from those close to me... along came The Ultimate Makarov Guide...

See what the pro's are saying about the Ultimate Makarov Guide!

"If car manuals were written this well we wouldn't need mechanics. Assuming nothing, Walton Cude has spelled out every facet of shooting, caring for, and improving a Makarov pistol. Cude's generous use of photos leaves nothing to chance, although you might want to enlarge the hands-on segments of the book with a photocopier for ease of use in the shop. Rich with historical background, The Ultimate Makarov Guide also makes you appreciate the conditions and challenges that fostered the simple genius of the Makarov design. This book is of value to any Makarov enthusiast. Shotgun News (bookshelf section) Vol 53, Issue 9, April, 1999

"I enjoyed reading your book, and found it to be an excellent publication not only for the 'beginner,' but also for the 'expert'." Joe Bunczk,Owner,Phoenix Armory...home of the "Mak-Pak"

"Whatever you may have wanted to know about the Makarov, it's in there. It's a great little book." J.B.Wood, Guns Magazine

"This comprehensive book covers any topic about which a fan of these extremely prolific autopistols might be curious."
Combat Handguns Magazine

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Mail to: Cude Gunworks, PO Box 721462. Corpus Christi, TX 78472

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The Author, Walton H. Cude, "This site does not condone violence in any form, and the author does his part to enjoy and further the freedom we Americans have to bear arms...I am a PROUD MEMBER of the National Rifle Association...are YOU?"

left to right...Thomas R. Graham of Combat Handguns...Lane Pearce, owner of Pearcegrip...General Chuck Yeager, the first man on Earth to break the sound Barrier, and the author, Walton H. Cude

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