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Hey, my name is Maurice and as you can tell my favorite band is Creed. I decided to make this web-page since a friend of mine (Seth) told me to. I guess it was cause I was always talking about them, and seemed to know a lot about them. Anyway, I've liked them ever since I heard their debut album "My Own Prison." I have seen them three times in concert and every time they were just awesome. They are a great band and perform excellent live. Hopefully they will keep producing great songs, cause I enjoy playing them on my guitar. A few other, of my favorite bands include Oleander, Pearl Jam, Metallic a, Finger Eleven, and Fuel.


Special Thanks to Kathy R.

Also Special Thanks to "Creed Unlimited" for the banners.

And very Special thanks also to all the CREED FANS for their support.

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