‎ Creating Christian Communities™ is a ministry committed to "Being Disciples Making Disciples". We will accomplish Jesus' Great Commission by establishing, and teaching others how to establish, authentic Christian communities where people can rediscover and actually experience: spontaneous worship, substantial biblical instruction, genuine fellowship and authentic expressions of our Christian faith (ie; edifying saints; evangelizing skeptics).

Thought for Today,

“Moral standards have been systematically obliterated. Ours is the first society since the decaying Roman Empire to normalize homosexuality. We’re living in the first generation in hundreds of years that has legalized abortion. Adultery and divorce are epidemic. Pornography is now an enormous industry and a major blight on the moral character of society. Virtually no clear moral or ethical standards are universally accepted anymore. No wonder principled, uncompromising personal integrity is hard to find.” ~ John MacArthur; [The Book on Leadership]

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