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Abbott Family

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    Descendents of William Abbott

    Surnames: Abbott,Adamson,Barthold,Black,Craig, Criss,Darden,Edwards,Hollingsworth,Jones,Marsh,McMillan,Sturgis,Sorey,

    William Abbott b. September 16,1776 VA, d. April 5, 1870, Freestone Co., TX. Married 1810 Va to Mary Elizabeth Leeper McMillan b. 1798 Va, d. June 7, 1864, Freestone Co., TX.

    Children of William & Mary Abbott

    James M. Abbott b. 1-11-1813 d. 8-1-1840 m. 1835 to Frances

    Francis Abbott b. 6-28-1814 d. 7-29-1840

    Mary Ann Abbott b. 3-7-1815 d. 4-1-1815

    Andrew M. Abbott b. 3-1-1816 d. 10-16-1836 Morgan Co., AL

    Sarah Abbott b. 7-17-1818 m. 9-30-1841 Morgan Co.,AL, to Humphrey Criss

    Elisha Green Abbott b. 11-20-1821 m. 9-30-1856 Zarilla Hollingsworth (found Zarilla in AR, b. Kentucky)

    Eliza Jane Abbott b. 7-13-1823 TN d. 3-1-1845 Morgan Co., AL m. 1-10-1844 Morgan Co., AL to William H. Stevens

    Franklin C. Abbott b. 9-22-1826 d. 3-1902 Callahan Co., Tx m. 11-15-1854 Rebecca E. Edwards b. 2-2-1837 MS d. 3-14-1889 Callahan Co., TX

    Mary E. Abbott b. 11-29-1827 d. 9-24-1836 Morgan Co., AL

    Margaret Ann Abbott b. 2-11-1829 d. 6-8-1913 Limestone Co., Tx m. Spouses George Haynie & Henry Adamson

    William Leeper Abbott b. 9-25-1832 Morgan Co. AL d. 11-29-1904 Hillsboro, TX m. 2-22-1855 Limestone Co. Tx, Sarah Ann Edwards b. 1839 Ms

    Martha F. Abbott b. 8-11-1835 b Limestone Co., Tx

    John H. Abbott b. 8-10-1837 d. 9-23-1837 Morgan Co., AL

    S. A. Abbott b. 12-30-1838 AL or MS

    Joseph Benjamin Abbott b. 1-15-1840 Morgan Co., AL d. 2-11-1908 Hillsboro,Hill Co.,TX m. 12-15-1868 Hillsboro, Hill Co., Tx, Rowena Wilson Sturgis b. 3-22-1843 Berlin, Md d. 1-4-1908 Ft. Worden, WA buried in Old Cemetery Hillsboro, Hill Co.,TX

    Generation NO. 2

    Children of Eliza Jane Abbott & William Stevens

    Sarah Stevens b. abt 1844-1845 Morgan Co., AL

    Children of Franklin & Rebecca Abbott

    Elizabeth Abbott b. 9-2-1855 Freestone Co., TX d. 2-9-1912 El Paso, TX m. 5-20-1874 Freestone Co., TX George Thomas Darden b 2-24-1852 Polk Co., Tx d. 12-23-1882 Freestone Co., Tx (note on Elizabeth - she was the first school teacher at the Atwell School in Callahan Co., Tx in about 1883 or 1884.)

    William Abner Abbott b. 9-1858 Limestone Co., Tx d. 1-10-1936 Tom Green Co., TX m. Francis Elizabeth Sorey b. 2-1873 Kaufman Co., Tx

    Margrette Ellen Abbott b. 9-7-1870 Limestone Co., TX d. 11-26-1931 Eastland Co., Tx. m. 9-27-1899 Callahan Co., Tx to Joseph Cornelius Marsh b.1-9-1870 AR d. 2-26-1948 Eastland co., Tx

    Children of Joseph (JO) Benjamin & Rowena Abbott

    Maude Abbott b. 10-02-1864 d. 6-1-1954 m. Tom Ivy ( there is a question in the family, wheather she is a daughter or not, in the Hill Co., Tx history book she is listed as a daughter, not a child of Rowena)

    Joseph Leeper Abbott b. 10-21-1871 Hillsboro, Hill Co., Tx d. 4-12-1898 Hillsboro, Hill Co., TX

    Mary Louisa Abbott b 2-29-1872 Hillsboro, Hill Co., Tx d. 7-1951 Henderson Co., Tx m. 11-20-1895 Hillsboro, Hill Co., Tx Robert Taylor Jones d. 1940

    Martha Abbott b. 5-24-1874 Hillsboro, Hill Co., Tx d. 7-12-1874 Hillsboro, Hill Co., TX

    William (Willie) Abbott b. 5-24-1874 Hillsboro, Hill Co., Tx d. 7-12-1874 Hillsboro, Hill Co., Tx

    Elisha Green Abbott b. 6-10-1875 Hillsboro, Hill Co., Tx d. 1924 buried Hillsboro, Hill Co., Tx

    James Sturgis Abbott b. 2-26-1877 Hillsboro, Hill Co., Tx d. 9-1951 San Bernadino, Ca m. Nancy Josephine Sitton d. 1956 CA

    Henry Tingle Abbott b. 7-12-1878 Hillsboro, Hill Co., Tx d. 5-29-1961 m. 1907 Celia Beattie

    Rosalie Abbott b. 3-28-1880 Hillsboro,Hill Co., Tx m. 3-23-1904 Hillsboro,Hill Co., TX William Huges Lemmon

    Edwin Littleton Abbott b. 5-1-1883 Hillsboro,Hill Co., TX d. 8-28-1968 NY m. 9-6-1913 NY to Glady Louise Goodwin

    Decima Abbott b 9-1-1884 Hillsboro,Hill Co., TX d. 12-2-1893 Hillsboro, Hill Co., Tx

    Ultimus Abbott b. 8-3-1886 Hillsboro,Hill co., Tx

    Rowena Sturgis Abbott b 1-9-1889 Hillsboro,Hill Co., Tx d. 12-2-1965 San Francisco,CA. m Paul W. Black

    Generation No. 3

    Children of Elizabeth F. Abbott & Thomas Darden

    Ollive Darden b. 2-23-1875 Freestone Co., TX d. 4-1-1959 Atascosa Co., Tx m. 12-8-1895 Callahan Co., Tx William Walter Hardy b. 9-28-1874 MS d.11-2-1932 Atascosa Co., Tx

    Vida Darden b. 11-1-1876 Freestone Co., TX d. 3-1-1968 Kerr Co., Tx m. 7-13-1894 Callahan Co., Tx to Granville C. Tatom b.8-7-1873 MS d. 11-19-1941 Kerr Co., TX

    Walter (Jack) Cliveland Darden b. 2-12-1878 Freestone Co., Tx d. 7-22-1965 Mitchell Co., Tx m. Lucy Amelia Parsons b. 11-4-1881 Tom Green Co., Tx d. 10-18-1963 Mitchell co., Tx

    Bertha Darden b. 10-24-1880 Freestone Co., Tx d. 11-6-1970 Tom Green Co., Tx m. 12-12-1900 Eastland Co., Tx George Rushing Erwin b. 2-8-1880 Parker Co., Tx d. 7-27-1957 Tom Green Co, TX

    Georgia Darden b. 2-1-1882 Freestone Co., TX d. 7-1912 Fisher Co., Tx m. Truman James Stewart b. 3-3-1880 Taylor Co., Tx d. 11-18-1965 Dallas Co., Tx

    Children of Margarette Ellen Abbott & Joseph Cornelius Marsh

    Carrie Ethel Marsh b. 7-3-1900 Callahan Co., TX d. 12-1980 Dallas Co., Tx m. Steven Weston Backus b. 12-16-1891 AL d. 12-6-1934 Eastland Co., Tx, Murrey, Mr. Simonton

    Francis (Frank) Cornelius Marsh b.7-3-1902 Callahan Co., Tx d. 8-30-1958 Mitchell Co., Tx m. 8-20-1923 Eastland, Eastland Co., Tx to Zettie Lee Pierce b. 12-29-1906 Callahan Co., Tx d. 8-1985 Mitchell Co.,TX

    Nora Jane (Josie) Marsh b.7-7-1904 Callahan Co., Tx d. 1977 Kellar, Tx m. Daniel Emmett Mitchell b. 8-9-1900 Eastland Co., Tx d. 1978 Kellar, Tx

    John Wright Marsh SR b. 9-22-1906 d.1-20-1954 Harris Co., Tx m. Vida

    William (Bill) Abbott Marsh b. 12-27-1909 Callahan Co., Tx d. 1-5-1973 Eastland Co., Tx m. 6-12-1931 Eastland Co., Tx to Eunice Mae Notgrass b. 11-9-1913 Eastland Co., TX D. 12/09/1999 Comanche, Comanche Co., TX, both buried Sabanna Cemetary, Eastland Co., TX.

    Rosco (Ross) Emmings Marsh b. 6-9-1912 Callahan Co., Tx d. 5-28-1968 Eastland Co., Tx m. 6-12-1931 Eastland Co., Tx to Anna Jewel (AnnaMae) Notgrass

    Ruben Guy (Pete) Marsh b. 12-9-1915 Callahan Co., Tx d. 12-15-1973 Eastland Co., Tx m. 1-14-1944 Callahan Co., Tx to Lillian Burliene Pierce

    Children of William Abner Abbott & Francis Elizabeth Sorey

    Walter Abbott

    Willie Abbott

    Nora Jan Abbott b. 11-1889 m. Robert William McLeod

    Frank Abbott

    Ruffis E. Abbott b. 1893 Callahan Co., Tx d. 1894 Callahan Co., Tx

    Wilburn Abbott b. 2-1894

    Joe Carter Abbott b. 4-2-1901 Callahan Co., Tx

    James Abbott b. 12-1898

    Children of Mary Louisa Abbott & Robert Taylor Jones

    Rowena Frances Jones b. 1897 m. John Cowan

    James Henry Jones b. 1899 d. 1939

    Mary Eliza Jones b. 1901 m. Griffin

    Children of James Sturgis Abbott & Nancy Josephine Sutton

    James Sturgis Abbott Jr b. 12-16-1899 Hill Co., Tx d. 10-1974 Layayette CA m. Marion Louise Barthold 1923.

    Jo Abbott b. 1907 d. 1-22-1975 m. Sally

    Children of Henry Tingle Abbott & Celia Beattie

    Henry Gee Abbott m. Louisa

    Margaret Abbott b. 1912

    Children of Edwin Littleton Abbott & Gladys Louise Goodwin

    Elizabeth (Betty) Abbott

    Generation No. 4

    Children of Ollive Darden & William Walter Hardy

    Mary Elizabeth Hardy b. 11-27-1896 Callahan Co., Tx d. 10-16-1938 m. Samuel Morgan Pack

    William Thomas Hardy b. 6-25-1897 Callahan Co., Tx d. 4-14-1979 m. 10-16-1920 to Maudie Lee Scott

    Elva Beryl Hardy b. 8-24-1899 b. Callahan Co., Tx d. 8-9-1981 m. 4-21-1927 to Alfred Seiffert

    Lyle Derwood Hardy b. 11-2-1903 Otero Co., NM d. 1-30-1981 m. 12-8-1926 to Alma Sophia Troell

    Leslie Darden Hardy b. 6-30-1907 Otero Co., NM d. 6-7-1909

    Children of Walter (Jack) Cliveland Darden & Lucy Amelia Parsons

    John Thomas Darden b. 6-4-1901 Eastland Co., Tx m. Era Loften

    Amelia Darden b. 3-28-1903 Eastland Co., Tx

    Lillie Darden b. 3-21-1905 Eastland Co., Tx m. Emmitt Griffith

    William Connie Darden b. 11-16-1907 Eastland Co., Tx d. 11-1950 Mitchell Co., Tx m. Pauline May

    Cecil C. Darden b. 3-9-1911 Scurry Co., TX m. Clois Curry

    O. B. Darden b. 5-17-1913 Scurry Co., Tx m. Minnie Schulze

    O. C. Darden b. 2-25-1917

    George Dempsey Darden b. 12-30-1919 Dickens Co., Tx m. Dollie Griffin

    Children of Bertha Darden & George Rushing Erwin

    George Mabrey Erwin b. Eastland Co., Tx

    Charnel C. Erwin b. 11-11-1901 Eastland Co., Tx d. 6-16-1978 m. 1925 to Eve Pallett

    Sybil Erwin b. 5-01-1903 Eastland Co., Tx d. 11-27-1972 m. Charles Jackson

    Chester V. Erwin b. 1907 Eastland Co., Tx

    Homan B. Erwin b. 10-10-1909 Eastland Co., Tx

    Walton A. Erwin b. 6-27-1911 Callahan Co., Tx d. 12-7-1941

    Children of James Henry Jones

    John Jones m. Carol Ann Craig

    Richard Jones m. Anne Stewart

    Children of James Sturgis Abbott, Jr & Marion Louise Barthold

    Nancy Jane Abbott - Private

    Children of Margaret Abbott & Cecil Hale Meyer

    Robert Abbott Meyer b. 1946

    Children of Elizabeth (Betty) Abbott & David Usher

    David C. Usher m. Linda

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