Wolf Dreams

A wolf in a dream can represent something evil or - in contrast - something beautiful in nature. This dualism becomes problematic when I examine wolves in my dreams.

Dream of: 27 February 1982 "Curse Of The Wolf"

cursed from birth, freed by death

I owned a large dog which resembled a German Shepherd or a wolf which my father had seemingly given to me. After I somehow deduced that I was going to have to kill the dog, I went to my father and told him what I had to do. I also told my father a curse was on him, and a curse was on me. I was unsure how the curse had been placed on him, but I knew that he had placed the curse on me. If I didn't kill the dog, then someday when the dog died, it would return and destroy me.

Killing the dog was especially difficult for me because it was beautiful and I cared very much for it. Realizing that my father seemed to understand my feelings, I enlisted his help to kill the dog. He and I discussed the matter, and I explained to him that I would have to shoot the dog twice, once in its body and once in its neck. It was very important that I shoot the dog both times.

We led the dog out into the backyard, which seemed like the backyard of the House in Patriot, Ohio (the home of my maternal grandparents when I was a child). Other people standing around the yard watched us. I had a large gun which seemed like a shotgun. As my father held the dog on a leash, I pointed the gun at the dog and pulled the trigger. When the gun clicked without firing, I said, "There's something wrong."

As I worked with the gun and tried to figure out the problem, the dog began to catch on to what we were doing and I became concerned that it might try to attack me. Finally I pointed the gun at the dog again and fired. The bullet hit the dog's body and the dog fell over, but it wasn't yet dead. It then stood up, and headed toward me. Although my father was still holding the dog by the leash, I thought the dog was going to reach me. I aimed again, fired, and hit the dog in the neck. The dog fell over again and bled profusely, but it still wasn't dead - so I shot it again in the neck. It lay there gasping, obviously dying. I regretted having shot the dog, but as it gasped its last breaths, I felt as if a great burden had been lifted from me.

Another dualism present with wolves is the Dr. Jekyll - Mr. Hyde, or the werewolf type. Again the element of something evil combating with something good.

Dream of: 08 June 1983 "Acting The Werewolf"

will power can control the beast

While I was standing in the left corner in the front of an auditorium, similar to a classroom, another fellow was standing on my left, and Julie (a fellow law student from Baylor Law School), was standing on my right. Julie was quite friendly and had even laid her arm on mine. I felt close to her, and as she and I talked about people dating and becoming close, I thought she was a Christian and I knew I wasn't a Christian. I told her it wouldn't be a good idea for someone who was a Christian to date someone who wasn't a Christian. I said, "It just causes complications later on because the people won't change their beliefs."

I stuck out my lower teeth and showed my incisors like a vampire or werewolf in an attempt to demonstrate how different people could be. I was trying to portray the image she would have of me if she were a good Christian and I was a heathen.

I was hot and perspiring profusely, which seemed to bother Julie. When I laid my hands on the stage of the auditorium, I noticed I had left water drops. I didn't know what to do about it.

In front of us was a stage from which Dawson (a law professor) was conducting a class. I was angry because it was about 3:30 p.m. and he had decided to keep us overtime. When he finally walked out of the room, I stood up on the stage. I thought I would act out something or maybe even sing, but instead I just walked around like a fool, until people began laughing. Realizing the people were watching me, I felt silly and I walked out of the room.

I tried to think what I could do. I thought I could get out my dreams and begin working on them and arranging them. I knew I had my dreams in a yellow notebook. I also had copies of the dreams in a red notebook upstairs. I could work on the copies in the red notebook, and if I made any changes, I could transfer them later to the yellow notebook.

After walking up two flights of stairs, I realized that the rooms were different from what I had expected and that I wasn't where I thought I would be. People were all around. I became frightened and I thought I should go back downstairs, but something happened and I fell over. It also seemed as if someone were chasing me. I began thinking I could just fly out of there. I thought that I had small rockets attached to my legs close to my heels and that if I used my will, I could use those rockets to fly. When I began using my will, the rockets worked and I began flying away, but I wasn't very good at it, and I simply flew back and forth in a big, empty hallway. I continued because I knew if I stopped I wouldn't be able to start again. I continued trying to understand how to use my will to control the rockets.

The dream-wolf might therefore be looked at as something with a two-fold nature, or more specifically as something evil which can be changed into something beautiful.

Dream of: 28 June 1983 "Evading The Werewolf"

man is evil by nature

I met Leonard Calloway (a fellow about 60 years old whom I was helping with a legal problem) and accompanied him into what appeared to be a bar. A man in the bar apparently owed Calloway $5, but the man didn't want to give Calloway the money. When I told the man to give the money to Calloway, the man refused. Finally, however, the man pulled out a five dollar bill and laid it on the counter, but underneath the five dollar bill the man had put a small cellophane packet of white powder. The powder was clearly some kind of drug, probably cocaine. Since I was afraid if Calloway took the five dollar bill, someone watching him might think he was also taking the drug and arrest him, I insisted that the other man simply hand the five dollars to me, but he refused.

Calloway, who seemed quite inebriated on alcohol, was obviously becoming angry. I thought he had probably been inebriated and angry like this on the night he had told me about when he had been arrested in Temple, Texas, and I was afraid Calloway was becoming so angry that he would begin hitting the other man. Finally, while the man was standing in a corner, I grabbed the five dollars. I began calling Calloway "Johnson" and I said, "Johnson, lets go."

By that time, Calloway was so intoxicated that he was leaning against the wall and couldn't move. I turned around to leave and saw standing in front of me a gigantic man who looked like a werewolf blocking my path. Fortunately, he was so large and cumbersome he couldn't move quickly and I managed to slip past him. To Calloway, who hadn't managed to pass the werewolf, I hollered, "Johnson! Lets go! Lets go!"

The werewolf headed toward Calloway who wasn't moving quickly enough. When I headed back to Calloway, another man named "Davis" was standing in my way, and I said, "Davis, get out of the way."

I reached Calloway and grabbed him. He pulled himself together. We began running and managed to run out past the werewolf.

Dream of: 13 June 1985 "Metamorphosis"

Another person was riding with me in a car which I was driving in the country. We rode past a field which contained what at first appeared to be a large haystack. However, the more I looked at the haystack, the more it appeared to be a large animal. It was dark brown and appeared to be a mastodon.

Another car pulled up and two men stepped out. As they walked toward the animal, I feared they were going to injure it. I stopped the car, got out and began walking toward the animal.

The brown dirt of the field had been recently plowed. I stepped around some puddles of water. When I finally drew closer, I realized the object was simply a man, albeit a very large man, sitting on a tractor. I thought that he had actually been the animal and that he had changed back into a man.

The man suddenly jumped from the tractor and ran into a nearby barn. The other two men ran after him and I thought they were going to try to hurt him. I also ran toward the barn and reached it before the other two pursuers. Once I was inside the barn, I saw the man standing in front of me. When the other two men then entered the barn, I told them not to hurt the man.

I asked the man if he could change into things. When he indicated he could, I asked him if he would change into a cow. At first he didn't want to do so, but finally he agreed to do it. He stooped over onto his hands and knees. I thought the transformation would happen instantly before our eyes, similar to the one I had seen in the movie An American Werewolf in London when a man transformed into a werewolf. Instead, this transformation took about two hours.

I thought about how sometimes these types of metamorphoses do not actually occur as in the movies and how they actually take much more time than a person would anticipate. The two hours passed as if I weren't even there. When I finally looked up, I knew the man had changed into a large, white, beautiful cow.


Dream of: 30 July 1986 "The Beast Inside"

My brother Chris (who died in 1974, crippled with muscular dystrophy) and I had gone to the Gay Street House (the large Victorian house in Portsmouth, Ohio where my father lived) to search for my father. When we didn't find my father at the House, Chris and I walked a couple blocks to Tracy Park and lay down next to each other. After we had pulled some blankets over us, Chris asked me if I had forgotten to tell him something which my grandmother Mabel had told me. I said, "Oh, yea. She wanted to wish you a happy birthday."

Having recently had a birthday, Chris had apparently been keeping track of all the people who had wished him Happy Birthday. He seemed a bit hurt because I had forgotten to do so.

I felt close to Chris and I wanted to hold him in my arms and kiss him, but since quite a few people were around, I was unsure kissing him in the park would be appropriate.

I told him I needed to go somewhere and I asked him if he wanted to remain there in the park. He said he did. Apparently he didn't get out much and he liked just lying in the cool park. I turned him on to his side (he couldn't turn himself over due to the muscular dystrophy) and I left him lying there.

I walked back to the Gay Street House and standing outside I found a black woman whom I had earlier left at the House and who needed to talk with my father about something. She lived in a house (I had been there before) a couple houses distant from the Gay Street House.

She began telling me about a house she owned on Ninth Street in Portsmouth which she rented out. I asked her how much the rent was and she replied that it was $75 every six weeks.

That appeared to be very cheap to me. I told her that I was presently studying and that I might be interested in renting the house. When she wanted to know what I would do in the house after I graduated, I told her that I needed a studio in which to do some work and that I didn't want to live there. The thought of actually living in the house did, however, cross my mind. Mainly, however (rather than for living quarters), I thought the house would be an accommodating place to create art-collages because I would have the ample space which I needed.

When the black woman finally asked me if I would fetch her at her home two houses away when my father returned, I told her I would. She then walked away and I walked into the Gay Street House.

There, in one of the middle rooms, I found my sister – as well as a number of letters and cassette tapes which had arrived for me. Although the tapes were from other people to me, they had my voice on them.

After I had begun sorting through the letters (there must have been 20), I suddenly realized the letters were all copies. Apparently my father had opened the letters and made the copies, and I didn't know what he had done with the originals. I complained to my sister about what had happened. Apparently she had told my father not to interfere with my mail, but he had done so anyway.

The letters were responses from people (whose addresses I had found in a publication called the  Dream Network Bulletin) to whom I had written concerning dreams. I had originally sent the same letter to everyone and had explained that I was involved with several different types of experiments involving dreams. I had mentioned in the letter that I had already been working on my dreams with Sue for quite a while. I said I realized that I hadn't been working with Sue as closely as I needed and that I thought I should quickly contact her and explain that I was bringing a number of other people into the dream circle. I hoped Sue would be interested in becoming involved with a group of people working on dreams.

I began telling my sister about the dream experiments, and as I talked, she and I walked down into the basement. For one experiment I had stopped eating sugar, and as a result, I was experiencing an effect upon my mind. I basically said, "What prompted me to do that is that I read something about LSD laced with sugar, how that the sugar affected the LSD, so that a person wasn't able to experience the complete effects of the LSD because of the sugar."

Another fellow (about 30 years old) showed up. He reminded me of a law school friend, Brian, and of my best friend from my college years, Weinstein. Several other people were also in the basement, among whom I thought I saw my friend Kim.

The fellow had invested in some equipment and a laboratory had been set up in the basement to conduct some experiments. When I saw the equipment, I thought I would like to work with some of it. The fellow had some large sacks of a rather expensive substance with which he could make molds. I asked him about using it. I knew I would have to spend money if I did use it. He showed me how to make a substance which looked like Styrofoam. He made several squares of the Styrofoam-like substance. The sides of the squares measured about 30 centimeters.

We intended to next make a flexible green magnetic piece to put atop the Styrofoam squares. The fellow had a large sack of pinkish powder which he poured into another container in order to make the green magnetic piece. I wasn't exactly sure what we were going to do with the finished product.

Somehow, my sister managed to get some of the substance (for the green magnetic piece) inside her. She immediately turned into a monster which resembled a werewolf. When she started to attack me, I called her "Susan Moore" (a name of no special significance to me) and I began talking soothingly to her and controlling her hypnotically with my eyes. I thus appeared to be able to control the beast inside her.

What appeared to be a small lake lay in the middle of the room. I knew that in order to cure my sister we would need to put her into a small boat we had there and push her out into the middle of the lake. I kept talking with her until I had her in the boat, then we pushed her into the lake.

We then would be able to begin working on a project to turn her back to her normal self.


Dream of: 10 November 1986 "Wolf Attack"

I found myself walking along a country road near a farm where some people I knew were living. As I crossed over a small bridge, I looked down and saw a large animal dash from under the bridge out onto a snow-covered field. Almost immediately I recognized from its gray coat that the animal was a wolf. I had never seen a wolf in the wild and was impressed by its enormous size and muscular build. My eyes followed the wolf until it approached what appeared to be a small boy in the distance. But the person was actually a woman – and the wolf was about to attack her.

I watched in astonishment as the wolf pounced upon the woman. A man near the woman successfully fought off the wolf for a moment; but the wolf attacked again. I hollered to the people at the farm that someone needed to go aid the woman. I didn't think I could make it there in time because I was so far away; but suddenly realized I must go try to help.

I had to cross over a fence; when I did so, I tore a thin board off the top of the fence and carried the board with me. As I proceeded across the field, I noticed a second man now helping against the wolf's relentless attacks. I reached the scene much sooner than I had expected. The wolf had been temporarily beaten back and was collecting itself for another attack.

The woman (about 40 years old) looked like an ordinary farm woman. I motioned for her to stand behind me, which she did. The wolf turned toward me and began its approach. It broke into a run and leaped at me. It was as large as me. It seemed almost human in a way. It was monstrous. Although highly alert and aware of the immediate danger, I wasn't afraid. I was, however, extremely alarmed.

The wolf reached me with his mouth open and his teeth flashing. His bulky fur seemed for a moment to be multi-colored. I acted without hesitation and crammed my board (about a meter long) into his throat. When I felt the board enter the wolf's throat, I pushed with all my might until the entire length of the board was in the wolf's throat. The wolf halted with his mouth open. He couldn't close it. But he still represented a danger – he could attack with his savage claws. I motioned the woman to stay behind me. The wolf faltered and stumbled back. We had a moment to breathe and it appeared we might be able to get away. The other men drew closer to help. I began to feel surprised that I had actually acted as I had.


Dream of: 18 November 1986 "Recalcitrant Wolf"

I was riding in what appeared to be a carriage around a type of circular arena. The two men in the seat in the carriage with me were training some wolves to walk in step.

Behind our carriage was another carriage, perhaps 20 meters back, drawn by some wolves. I had helped raise one of the wolves and had become quite close to it. Although it was near and dear to me, it had refused to let itself become fully tamed. Now in the midst of its training I was concerned that it might become recalcitrant; and the penalty for that might be death.

I identified with the wolf's recalcitrant nature. I likewise had recently been defiant when I should have submitted. I had suffered therefore and still felt pain.

The carriage behind us also seemed connected to our carriage by a long chain. Someone was also standing in the grandstand watching the defile and apparently to some extent directing it.

The man directing the training from the carriages was sitting immediately to my left in the middle of the seat. The driver of the carriage was sitting on the other side of him. The man beside me was robust and in the prime of life. I had no particular love for him, but understood his authority.

The carriage behind us moved around the ring, came to a curve and correctly negotiated it. However the wolf I cared for then began turning in the opposite direction it was supposed to go and directed the other wolves attached to the carriage along with it. The movement wasn't merely a casual one, but one made in obvious direct defiance of the prescribed motion.

The man in the stands immediately called out and seemed to order that the wolf be killed. The man next to me, who had the final say in the matter, seemed to hesitate for a moment, but then motioned the man driving the coach next to him to go back to the wolf. I immediately knew the driver was going to kill the wolf by knocking him in the head with a sledge hammer. I turned to the man and with firm resolve pleaded, "Give him to me."

My being was bent on having the wolf. Yet the man turned his head from me. I pleaded again and finally with some concern that he might be making a mistake, he relented and said, "Go take him."

I was flooded with emotion. I opened up the door to run back to my wolf. Anyone else he would growl at, but me he would let throw my arms around his warm husky body. He was mine.

Dream of: 15 July 1987 (2) "Bearing My Teeth"

In front of me I was holding a picture which I had taken of myself; I was surprised by what I saw. The material on the surface of the picture allowed different images to be seen depending on the angle at which the picture was held. In part of the picture I could see a partial image of my face, which showed me bearing my teeth like a dog or wolf. My teeth all looked good and strong, but the pose was rather bizarre and alarming.

I turned the picture upside down and now was able to see most of my head. All around my head were what appear to be crystals composed of interconnecting lines of all different colors in which a blue hue predominated.

I kept turning the picture and then noticed a large eye in the picture. Apparently that was a result of a picture being taken of my eye when I was looking into the camera to take the picture.


Dream of: 23 December 1987 "Renewing A Commitment"

Mike Walls, Steve Buckner and I were playing cards at a card table outside a church. I had been having some revelations and now recalled that years ago, I had been involved in some murders in which I had killed several people by beating them to death with clubs. Since Walls and Buckner had also been involved in some of the murders, I decided to bring the subject up to them. I pointed to each of them and said I had been involved in one murder with each of them. Walls said, "Listen to him," as if trying to pretend he didn't know what I was talking about. But he knew. They both knew. I went on to say that besides the two murders I had committed with them, I had also committed a number of other murders by myself. I felt as if it were alright talking with them about the subject, because they couldn't tell anyone else.

Suddenly we heard a sound nearby, perhaps around the other side of the church. We immediately disbanded and tried to take off running. Walls ran one way. The other person was now a black-haired woman who reminded me somewhat of Birdie. Suddenly we were all cut off by a number of very large dogs which looked like wolves. The wolf-like dogs came running from around the side of the church. They were all dark in color. Several were actually as large as a man. One of the large ones was coal-black.

Walls was cut off over to the side; the woman was near me; I told her to slowly back up to me. She did so and together we backed toward the church and toward a pile of sticks from a fallen tree. I told her to move toward the sticks so I could get one. Finally I was able to pick up a very large stick; we then backed into a corner beside some steps leading up to the church. I pulled the woman (dressed in a long black cape) around behind me where she cowered.

The wolf-dogs were very close to us; they were showing their teeth and growling. I almost seemed to be having some mental communication with them and somewhat understood what they were after. The matter had to do with the earlier murders I had committed; it also had to do with my somehow betraying the wolf-dogs. I had tried to put it out of my mind, but I had once belonged to them in some way, and then I had abandoned them. Now they had sought me out.

I imagined I could swing the stick at them, and I formed images in my mind of my doing so, but I doubted it would do any good. Somehow they seem invulnerable to me, and I knew they could easily overcome me if they did attack.

Some of the wolf-dogs had climbed onto the steps behind me and were standing just above my head looking down. One of the ones looking down at me was very large, about the size of a man. Suddenly it occurred to me to try something different. I began talking very soothingly to them and calling them, "Boys."

I even reached out my hand to pet the fur under the necks of the ones which were standing over me. All the animals reacted the same way: they immediately stopped growling and began docily wagging their tails. They seemed to want me to pet them.

I realized they were really demanding I join them and complete some kind of commitment I had with them. I could sense this communication from them. And actually I would like to do just that. I didn't want to just act like it, but I really wanted to do it. However, it would be difficult and would entail extreme sacrifice. I didn't know how to do it. Yet it seemed as if I really had little choice in the matter if I wanted to survive. I continued talking, saying things like, "Boys, how ya doing boys."

Dream of: 26 February 1989 (2) "Menagerie"

Late at night, I was out walking around through the backyards of a residential area. A car pulled up about 30 meters from me and a bunch of policemen dressed in black descended. I sat down on a brick fence and watched the policemen from a distance. They seemed to be having a little meeting; I thought some had probably noticed me and were wondering what I was doing out here. Finally they broke up and two of policemen immediately came over to me. Neither they nor I said anything as one of them began to pat me down. Finally he stood up and asked me to take off my black shoes to see if there was anything in them. I said, "Wait a minute. I'm an attorney."

I then proceeded to tell him I needed to know what type of search he was performing; I also needed to know whether I was under arrest. I told him he was allowed under the law to make certain kinds of searches, but he wasn't not allowed to make others. I wanted to know what kind of search he was now performing. He seemed completely baffled. The other officer immediately left, apparently in search of a police officer who knew what was going on. A few minutes later several shadowy figures approached us. When they were close enough so I could see who they were, I saw that they were policemen. I said, "Who was in charge here?"

A young man who looked as if he might be in his late 20s stepped up and shook my hand. I proceeded to tell him that the other policemen were searching me and had asked me to take off my shoe. I told him I want to know whether I was under arrest or what kind of search he was conducting. To myself I was thinking that all they needed was a reasonable suspicion that I had committed a crime. And under the circumstances of finding me here in these backyards, they probably had basis for a reasonable suspicion. But the young officer likewise seemed baffled.

All the while I wasn't overly concerned, because I didn't have anything in my shoe anyway. But I felt it was important not to let them search unless they knew what they were doing. I thought about mentioning the idea of false arrest to them, but instead I considered simply walking away; I began doing just that. I thought someone would try to stop me, but no one did so I kept walking and quickly slipped through the backyards of some other houses.

I then passed through a gate and then heard what sounds like a muffled growl. Suddenly I noticed a light gray animal about the size of a medium dog run past not far from me. It looked a bit like a baboon, but I wasn't exactly sure. It was quite beautiful, and I felt as if I would like to pet it, but then I thought it might be a baby; the mother – perhaps a huge gorilla – was lurking about nearby. Looking around, I realized I seemed to have entered into a large enclosed area, apparently someone's private little zoo. I saw where I had entered, and tried to go in that direction. But before I could reach it, in succession I saw a wolf, a large wild cat and several large dogs. None of them tried to bother me, although I was afraid they might.

Finally I noticed some sticks lying to the side and among them was a blue crutch. I picked up the crutch and thought I would use it to defend myself if it was necessary. As I began edging toward the gate, a woman appeared. She was smiling and walked through the gate toward me. She walked up to me just as a large animal which looked like a dog sat next to me on my right. I asked her if the animal would hurt me and she said no.

She then said she had talked to me earlier in the day about my washing some shirts for her. I thought she must have me confused with someone else and told her so. But she seemed certain that it had been me. I said that in some cases, I might be willing to wash someone's shirts. I figured if that was what she wanted, it was fine with me, just as long as I could get out of here.


I was with Jon telling him about being in the private zoo. He seemed surprised and interested. I described the place as a "menagerie."


Dream of: 04 August 1990 "Safe From The Wolf"

I was walking on the large hill behind the Gallia County Farmhouse (located on the 386-acre farm of my paternal grandparents in southeastern Ohio), looking at how the brush and trees had grown up. I had been farther up on the hill looking at walnut trees, and I was now returning to the Farmhouse to fetch a chainsaw so I could cut some brush away from the trees. I also wanted to cut down some old trees which had died and I especially wanted to cut down some of the large grape vines which I saw around me and which destroyed the walnut trees. Earlier, while up on the hill, I had noticed one group of about 20 trees in a row, as if they had been planted that way.

The area where I was walking was quite steep and rocky. Finally I came to a large old tree which was lying on the ground and which appeared to have been there many years. I lay down next to the tree and wondered if I pushed it whether it might dislodge and go tumbling down the hill. But I thought if I did that, the rocks above me might break loose and come tumbling down on me. After lying there a while, I realized I was in a sleeping bag. Being in the sleeping bag was fortunate, because I saw a large white wolf walking up the hill toward me. I was immediately alarmed, fearing the wolf would attack me. I pulled the sleeping bag closer around me for protection. When the wolf was almost on top of me, it turned and bounded away.

Looking around I noticed a large brown antlerless deer climbing over the rocks not far from me. I attentively admired the beautiful sleek animal as it climbed up the side of the craggy hill. I recalled that at one time white mountain goats used to climb over the rocks, but they had long since disappeared. However, when the deer reached some of the upper rocks, some other animals joined it, and they looked like they might be mountain goats. From where I was, I couldn't tell whether the animals were goats or deer. When they entered a cave near the top of the hill, I wondered whether they were safe from the wolf. Apparently they were.


Dream of: 09 March 1991 "A Low Growl"

I was in an open field when suddenly, from a ledge up above me, an animal jumped down on me. It took me a few minutes to realize it was a black wolf. When I knocked it off, it began stalking around me, looking for an opportunity to attack me again. However I was able to keep it at bay.


Still in the same area, carrying a rifle with me, I decided I wanted to hunt something. I saw a bird which resembled a pelican, and I pointed my gun at it. As it flew into the air with its large white wings, I noticed it appeared to be wounded already. I chased it, pointing gun at it, but not really intending to shoot it.

As I chased the bird, I heard a deep breathing, almost like a low growl, and I realized I had been hearing the growl for a while. I looked straight in front of me and suddenly saw a large brown bear, perhaps a grizzly bear, standing up on its hind legs. Looking around, I saw two other bears next to it, and not far away, two or three more large bears. I realized the large bear standing on its hind legs was the father bear, and the mother bear and baby bear were standing next to it. I also realized the father bear was warning me not to come any closer, or it was going to attack me.

I also noticed on another large ledge over to my right, some men were standing there watching me. Apparently they had been observing what I had been doing and were keeping an eye on my hunting. I began backing up from the bears; it appeared they weren't gong to attack me. I backed up far enough to where I began to feel safe again.

Dream of: 16 March 1991 (2) "Den of Wolves"

My step-grandfather Clarence and I were on the Gallia County Farm on the hill right behind where the old milkhouse used to be. As we looked down in the area where the milkhouse used to be, we noticed that several of Clarence's dogs had started chasing something. The prey looked like a rabbit. The dogs would snap at the rabbit, causing it to fall down, then it would jump to its feet and they would start chasing it again. But the more I looked at it, the less it looked like a rabbit. It was a white color and was about a foot long. I began to think it was a puppy.

I headed in the direction of the animal and reached it just as one of Clarence's collies caught it. I grabbed the animal away, looked at it, and saw that indeed it was a puppy. It was fat and muscular, but obviously not very old. Its eyes were closed and I wondered whether it had even had its eyes open when it had been running. Wanting to protect it, I carried it up to the Farmhouse. When I reached the back porch I was greeted by two black cats which began hissing at the puppy. The puppy struggled to get away from me, but I held it tight.

I walked on into the Farmhouse, looked the dog over, and was amazed at what good shape it was in. It had thick fur and seemed clean. Clarence came up. I was thinking I might keep the puppy, but Clarence began talking about how he was going to keep it and raise it into a nice dog. That disappointed me. I thought if Clarence kept the dog here on the Farm, it would always be outside and end up being scruffy. It wouldn't have as good a life here as it would have with me. However I thought I could come up sometimes and brush it and clean it up. It was probably all for the best. If I wanted a dog, I could simply go to a pet store and buy a thorough-bred dog. I might do just that.

I still wondered where the dog had come from and I began talking with Clarence about it. I knew a den of wolves had been around the old milkhouse. Perhaps the dog had been raised by the wolves. I told Clarence my thoughts, but he didn't agree; he thought the dog would be more wild and ferocious if it had been raised by wolves. I had to agree with him. It seemed doubtful that the dog had been raised by wolves.


Dream of: 14 April 1992 "Bears In A Cave"

Several other people and I were together in a mountainous area; we were planning a hiking trip through the mountains with a guide who was with us. I thought the trip would be wonderful and I was looking forward to the experience. Before we left, we all looked at a map and were shown an area inhabited by large white bears. This particular type of bear was almost extinct, with only a few left in the world. These bears were similar to polar bears, but were called "Klondike" bears. Along with the map, pictures of the bears were shown to us. We were shown a place on the map, off one of the roads, where the bears were reported to live. While we were on our trip, we were going to try to spot some of the bears.

When we started on the hike, a large mountain loomed before us. I heard someone talking about the bears, saying that large bales of hay had been put out for shelter for the bears, and some bears had even begun living in the bales of hay. The theory was that the inside of the bales was like a cave for the bears.

We were all given instructions about what to do should we encounter any of the bears. As we continued our hike, marching along, I began to notice that it seemed as if we ourselves were in a narrow cave.

Two people were in front of me. I could see that up ahead the cave came to a "T," so it branched off to the right and to the left. Just as the two people ahead of me reached the "T," there was a commotion, and I saw one of them pulled to the right and the other pulled to the left. Suddenly I saw: large white bears pulling the people, who disappeared right in front of me.

As I started to back up, two or three of the bears started charging right at me; only they didn't look like bears – they looked like large wolves. As I heard the animals growl, I thought the people behind me were already running, and I flashed that I also needed to run. But I also remembered some of the instructions which we had received: if we encountered bears and showed any kind of fear and tried to run, the bears would attack; but if I stood firm, the bears wouldn't attack.

So I stood and stared at the bears. I didn't feel afraid. I just wanted to see what they would do. They rushed right up in front of me, stopped, and with terrible looks on their faces, growled at me. They looked as if they were going to jump on me, but they just stood there growling. Then, slowly, they began backing away.

When the bears were far enough away, I began backing up until I reached the other hikers. Two men who were in charge of the expedition said I had done a good job. They said if I had run, the bears or wolves or whatever they were definitely would have attacked me, and probably would have killed me. I could just imagine the animals tearing off one of my legs if they had attacked. The two men said I could have shot the animals if they had attacked, and it did seem that I had a gun with me. But I reflected that the thought of shooting the animals hadn't even crossed my mind. Now all I felt was relief.

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