Windmills have only appeared twice in my dreams.


Dream of: 31 October 1986 (3) "Windmill"

I was in the planning stage of constructing a windmill to generate electricity for my Cabin. I had already examined a set of plans and was beginning to visualize the size of the blades and the rotor. I intended to make part of the windmill out of lead pipes. I would probably buy as much material as I could foresee needing in town, assemble what I could and then buy whatever else I determined I needed the subsequent time I went to town. I was also considering the amount of storage battery space I was going to need and how many batteries were going to be necessary. I was satisfied as the project unfolded in my mind.


Dream of: 08 August 2010 "Windmill"

My first ex-wife, Louise (who also seemed to exhibit attributes of my second ex-wife, Carolina, and of my girlfriend Michelle) and I were in a museum where we had been looking at some large somber dull paintings. One landscape painting seemed to have a windmill in the background.

My old drinking buddy from high school and college, Steve Buckner, showed up, and the three of us stepped over to the side. I sat down on a bench with Louise and began kissing her and feeling her up, even while Buckner was sitting right beside us. While I was feeling her breast, I pulled it out in the open so Buckner could see it. Louise seemed shocked by my action, as if she didn't know what to do.

I went further. I grabbed Buckner's hand and laid it on Louise's bare breast so he could squeeze it. She didn't stop me at any time, but at the same time I was uncertain she wanted me to be doing what I was doing. Finally, with a slight tone of displeasure, she asked me if I was sure I wanted to do what I was doing. It sounded as if she were disparaging me for my actions, yet I remarked that she could stop me at any time, but she didn't. I therefore felt as if she shared some responsibility for the passionate scene. 

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