West Salem House

I live in the West Salem House for two years as a child. On July 1, 1959, my father, my mother, my brother Adolph, my brother Chris, my sister, and I moved from the House in Clarksfield, Ashland County, Ohio, to the West Salem House, Wayne County, Ohio. My father was still working as a Methodist minister and had a church in West Salem. I was 6 years old when we moved to West Salem. I went to the first and second grades in West Salem. In July 1961, when my father was discharged from the Methodist church, we left West Salem and moved to the Gallia County Farm.

Dreams in which the House in West Salem has appeared:

  1. 06 July 1999 "Old Homes"

  2. 30 November 1993 "Zulus"

  3. 02 November 1988 "A Long Time Ago"

  4. 09 September 1981 (5) "Crazy As Hell"

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