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My name is Frank Whitfield. I am a psychologist who lives and works in Paris, France. For a number of years, I have been intrigued by the dreams of a prolific dream-journalist named Steven Collier, who was born in 1952, and who lived much of his life in the small town of Portsmouth, Ohio. Collier died at the age of  95 in 2048, twelve years before I was born in that same small town in 2060. Now in the year 2087, at the age of 27, I have developed a certain love for Collier's dreams which has inspired me to compile some of them into meaningful stories.

I sometimes forget that if nothing else, Collier can claim to be the first blessed person in the history of the world to compile sequences of dreams into stories - be those compilations meaningful or not.  Although Collier's compilations might have been somewhat obscure in the beginning, future compilations attained more brillance as Collier aged.

Of central importane to the compilations was the focus on a common theme which would be contained in each dream in the sequence. For example, in this compilation of Collier's dreams, Ronald Reagan either appears or is mentioned in each and every dream. Thus the focus of the story in this compilation is the effect of Ronald Reagan on the eternal life of Collier.

I say "eternal life" partly because Collier believed - and I believe - that the meanings of dreams are not of importance to the dreamer unless life is eternal.

The origin of any story which is contained in Collier's compilations is also of central importance to the telling of the story contained in a compilation of dreams. Although Collier believed that the story contained in an individual dream contains a message from God, he tended to believe that the messages contained in the stories which he created when he compiled a sequence of dreams, originated with him.

The actual origin of a story contained in a compilation of dreams, however, remained a subject of controversy in Collier's mind.

Dream of: 09 September 1980 "An Election"

sometimes visions of


lead to happiness 

I had been elected to be a representative at a political convention taking place on my grandparents' Gallia County Farm in Gallia County, Ohio. A large, unfamiliar building now stood where the milk house normally stood at the bottom of the hill behind the Farmhouse, and 400-500 people were beginning to gather inside the building. I arrived early, then other people began arriving. When my girlfriend Carolyn showed up, I saw her before she saw me. Although several other pretty girls were present, I made my way straight to Carolyn who was accompanied by a pretty blonde-haired friend (about 16 years old).

We walked inside the convention hall and sat down at one of the long rows of cafeteria tables. Both Republicans and Democrats were present. Someone to my right shouted, "We want Reagan. We want Reagan."

I shouted in return, "We want Carter! We want Carter!"

Finally everyone quieted down.

Carolyn was seated to my right and her blonde friend sat on my left. I was attracted to the blonde, but I felt guilty because I knew the blonde was Carolyn's friend and Carolyn was sitting right next to me. Carolyn's presence apparently did not bother the blonde because she began stealthily caressing the side of my leg with her hand. She persistently tried to entwine her fingers with mine and moved closer and closer until our bodies were right next to each other. I did not try to stop her. When she finally had her hand between my legs, she moved her face close to mine and kissed me.

I broke away from the blonde for a moment and looked at Carolyn, who had seen everything. Obviously she was hurt, although she acted as if she were not.

When I turned back to the blonde, she was no longer there. I was sitting on the beige dress she had been wearing and at first I thought the blonde was still in the dress, but upon closer examination, I realized she was not there. I arose and began searching for her under the tables. Then Carolyn also disappeared.

I left the convention hall and walked back up the hill to the Farmhouse where I discovered quite a few people. I also found a suit of German war clothes, put on the suit and marched around dressed as a German soldier. When someone then hollered, I walked back into the yard and found a half dozen or more buffalo fighting each other. Watching the two large buffalo with their long sharp horns bash into each other was fascinating. One buffalo even climbed up onto the porch and almost pinned me in a corner.

I escaped back into the Farmhouse, where I encountered a fellow who seemed a bit insane. He was inside one of the cabinets and seemed to be stealing something. I accosted him and wrestled him to the ground. He had a few things in his pockets. When he said he had some blotter LSD, I became immediately interested, and I asked him to give it to me. At first he demurred, but finally produced it. I took it in my hand and headed back down the hill. It was snowing and I began thinking it would be nice to take the LSD in my one-room Cabin at the top of the tallest hill on the Farm.

Instead, I returned to the convention hall. The main election had not taken place yet, but another smaller election had. I saw the Scioto County district attorney, Lynn Grimshaw, on the stage. The election had been an upset. A young man named "Otterbein" had been elected and he was in the process of giving his acceptance speech.

In this series of dreams, I sense a conflict between Collier's allegiance to society and Collier's allegiance to dream prophecy.

I believe that in 1984, Collier was working as a lawyer in Dallas, Texas. Yet he believed that his destiny entailed the publication of his dreams - even though he had not yet published any, more than to a few friend.

Collier was influenced by Old Testament accounts of sages and prophets through whom God communicated with mankind. Collier lucidly concluded that the most logical explanation of individual dreams was that they origniated from God and contained messages for the individual dreamer. When exactly he came to that conclusion - I do not know, but probably sometime after 1984.

Dream of: 31 July 1984 "Government Censorship"

the protection of

freedom of expression is

an artist's duty

I had been put in a prison, and while there, about thirty female prisoners were brought into a courtyard of the prison. After the women were lined up, about twenty guards were lined up in front of the women, but the women closest to me did not have guards in front of them.

Some guards told the women in front of them to turn around, whereupon the guards began frisking the women. I was uncertain for what the guards were searching, but I thought the way they were searching the women was offensive. The search only lasted for a few minutes, however, and the women began dispersing.

I walked over to one woman and asked her why she put up with the searching, and I suggested that the women should protest against being frisked that way, especially since I thought the women were not actually prisoners.

I saw John Stanford (a Baylor law professor), who was one of the guards, standing nearby. Since I thought Stanford might be sympathetic to what I was saying, I walked over to him. When I told him how offensive I thought the frisking was, I could immediately tell that he was in favor of what had just happened, so I began thinking that telling him what I was thinking would be unwise. Moreover, another guard was nearby listening to me, and I could tell that speaking here was dangerous. I could also tell that I had attracted the women's attention.

The following day I was given a paper with new, typewritten prison-rules on it, and I knew that the new rules were a result of what I had done yesterday. These new rules targeted people who had been writing anything, including dreams. In the future, such writings would be strictly controlled. No writings which dealt with certain aspects of prison life would be allowed to be taken out of the prison when the prisoner was released.

I realized I had brought all my written dreams to prison with me when I had arrived, and I began to become concerned about how I was going to extract the dreams from the prison. I also realized I had recently given a fellow in Waco named "Don" a copy of my most recent dreams, and I thought perhaps I could retrieve those dreams from him. I knew, however, that I had recently written several more dreams which Don did not have.

The new rules also contained a statement by Alexander Haig, who was the director of the prison. Haig stated that he was in favor of limiting the freedom of expression in the prison. I thought it was deplorable that the United States government under Ronald Reagan had reached such a state that freedom of expression was being controlled like that. I thought of the current control of television shows and their low quality. The best thing that could happen would be for people to rise up against the low quality of television shows caused by government censorship and control.

Although Collier concluded that individual dreams are the couriers of direct messages to the dreamer from God, he also came to conclude that "published dreams" might contain messages from God directly to the readers of those dreams, and not merely to the dreamer alone.

In Biblical days, such dreams might be said to have been published by prophets. At least Ezekiel would seem to fall into that category. In the dream of the seven fat cows and the seven lean cows, however, the dreamer - the pharoh - was definitely not a prophet, even though that particular dream was designed to be published. That dream was a fabrication, not a true dream. Yet that fabricated dream is definitely one of the most influential dreams in literature.

None of Collier's dreams are fabrications. Collier repeatedly emphasised the importance of being completely and utterly scrupulous in truthfully writing dreams without ommision or censorship. I have not altered his dreams, his titles, his images, or his haikus in any way and I have published them exactly as I found them. Only the commentary which is attached hereto can be attributed to me.

Dream of: 07 August 1985 "Image In The Well"

history's many

images may shed light on 

the meaning of life

I was watching a television program about the death of president Ronald Reagan and about a memorial which a woman in west Texas had made for Reagan. A picture showing Reagan talking appeared on the screen. He looked quite young and the way he talked reminded me somewhat of John F. Kennedy. Reagan explained that he would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons if the circumstances demanded it.

I suddenly realized the image on the screen was actually a reflection on the top of water. The camera then revealed that the image was actually atop the water in a deep well. The camera showed that a picture of Reagan was at the bottom of the well. Light was shinning on the picture in the bottom of the well so that the image of Reagan was reflected to the top of the water. People could visit the top of the well and see the recorded images of Reagan talking about different subjects.

Reading dreams which are more than 100 years old about a man who was the most powerful man in the world for eight years makes me wonder about the still-unexplained meaning of life and why I have been created in the first place. The story of mankind remains an utter mystery.
Life without communication with God is a desert. Yet, still, I am not certain whether that God even exists and whether what I believe to be communications are actually hallucinations. I feel that Collier felt the same way - that he believed that God was communicating with him, but that he simply could not prove that God actually existed, no matter what communications he thought he recieve in his dreams and no matter what stories he invented when he compiled his sets of dreams.

Whereto inclined the world


Died on June 5, 2004.

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Steven Collier embarked on so many unchartered frontiers when he composed his books of dreams.


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