House in Kilgore

After my first wife Louise and I were married on May 5, 1984, we moved into the Ridgecrest Avenue Apartment in Dallas, Texas. Although I had been licensed to practice law since August 1983, instead of practicing law, I began buying houses at foreclosure sales, and selling them for a profit. I was bankrolled by two lawyers for whom I had worked in Waco during law school, and I had to split the profit with them. One house I bought was a brick ranch, probably about 1,500 square feet, in Kilgore, Texas, which is about a hundred miles east of Dallas.

When Louise and I separated in October 1984, I had nowhere to go, so I simply moved into the empty Kilgore House and lived there for a couple of months. I had no furniture, but the house was newly carpeted, clean and comfortable. Louise visited me once, staying for one night.

Dreams in which the House in Kilgore appeared:

  1. 10 June 2000 "Futile Search"

  2. 05 June 1988 "Empty House"

  3. 03 February 1985 (2) "Nothing Wrong"

  4. 26 November 1984 "Live Lobster"

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