The Hills in New Boston, the House in New Boston, and the Hilltop House (the Second House in New Boston)

Around 196r, my father bought approximately 200 acres of hilly land in New Boston, Ohio. The land rose from the side of State Route 52, which winds along the Ohio River. From the tops of the hills, the Ohio River valley was displayed below. In the spring of 1968, my father had a three-bedroom house (the House in New Boston) built on top of the hill, and my family moved into the House in the summer of 1968 from the Gay Street House. However, we only lived in the House in New Boston for a few months before moving back to the Gay Street House. My father rented the House in New Boston to various renters, until it finally burned down it the late 1980s. Finally in 2004, my father built the Hilltop House at the top of the hill.

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