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I  tend to think of Dante as I think Dante thought of Virgil and in a way Dante reminds me of an angel. Unfortunately he drags me down with his belief in eternal hell, something in which I do not believe. My reasoning is fairly simple. Only an evil God would create an eternal hell; evil men believe in evil Gods; Dante believes in an evil God. Therefore, Dante is evil.

Dream of: 12 February 1985 "Reminded Of An Angel"

I walked into a school building and boarded the elevator to go to a class on the fourth floor. Another fellow about my height and age also boarded the elevator, apparently headed to the same class. The elevator moved up at first, but before reaching the fourth floor, the elevator seemed to start descending. Since I could see some light through the doors of the elevator, I knew we hadn't descended all the way to the basement.

It was about 8:10 a.m. I knew we were late and I didn't want to go into the classroom late. Besides, I had other problems: on my pants was some cow manure which I had picked up on a farm. When I noticed some toothpaste I had spilled onto my pants, I decided I was simply going to skip class.

Suddenly, however, the doors to the elevator opened and I found myself inside the classroom. I had no choice but to sit down. The other fellow on the elevator sat down in front of me. All the students had small notebooks on their desks and seemed to be translating something out of the notebooks, perhaps from Latin. On my desk was also a notebook which contained writing.

I gradually realized the students weren't translating anything, but were talking about dreams which they had written. I looked at a dream which I had written in my notebook. The writing appeared somewhat scrawled and almost looked like lines written in Latin which then had English translations written above them. Actually, however, the second superior writing simply contained corrections which I had made of the originally written dream.

I had several dreams in the notebook and I had given them titles. I began reading one particular titled dream which seemed to contain copious Latin mythology. The dream involved a fellow who had been drug down by a tentacle which had grabbed his ankle. Remembering my Latin mythology, I thought the dream had had something to do with Aeneas' being transported, but the dream also reminded me of Achilles, because the fellow had been grabbed by the ankle. The scene inspired thoughts of Dante's red-hued Inferno.

The fellow from the elevator, still sitting in front of me, turned around, looked at me rather devilishly and quipped, "Do I remind you of an angel?"

I answered, "You could."


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