Dream of: 27 May 2012 "Washing Off The Past"

with effort, the past can be managed as easily as a surfer riding a wave

Early in the morning, my mother, my sister and I awoke from sleep at the house where I was living in Portsmouth, Ohio and we got up. I was probably around twenty-five years old, but my sister only seemed to be about twelve years old. It was so early in the morning however, I lay back down. My sister also lay back down, even though she was supposed to get up and go to school. Suddenly I heard my sister jump back up out of bed and run upstairs. She was trying to get dressed because she had heard the school bus pull up outside and she was supposed to take the bus to school. When I saw that she was having difficulty getting ready in time, I told her not to worry, that I would take her. She slowed down. We still had a half hour for her to get ready for school. Through a window I could see the schoolbus packed with children still sitting outside. I waved at the bus driver (a young fellow around twenty years old) to go on. He seemed to appreciate that I had signaled to him and he drove off.

As my sister was getting ready, I stepped outside and I immediately saw a girl whom I used to know when I had lived in Portsmouth years ago. In the vaguest way she seemed to resemble Vickie (a girl with whom I once had a short-lived love affair in Portsmouth) and it seemed as if I had had sex with this girl one time in the past. She was with several other girls in something which functioned like a little cart, but which looked more like an old white bathtub. Even though the cart/tub had no engine, the girls were riding around in the streets. Probably around twelve girls were sitting in the tub, which was more or less square with rounded corners. The girls were sitting in three or four rows, packed in almost as if on a ride at an amusement park.

I told the girls I would like to go with them. I jumped up on the rim of the tub so that I was standing above the girls as if I were riding on a surf board. We rode around through the streets in a middle-class area of brick houses around Hutchins Street (right where Vickie used to live). I was well-experienced at riding as if on a surfboard and my ability to keep my balance as we sailed through the streets was rather amazing. I figured that the girls were impressed by my skill.

I had been away from Portsmouth for a long time and I had lost contact with everyone there. These girls, however, interested me and I thought I might like to get to know one of them. I would at least like to know someone in Portsmouth. They also seemed a bit interested in me. I had the feeling that half of them liked me and that half of them did not care much for me. We continued riding around for a bit until I finally jumped off. The one girl whom I knew also stepped off with me and she and I talked for a bit while the other girls continued on down to Grant Street and stopped at an abortion clinic there.

When I asked the girl if I could see her later, she said she wouldn't be able to. I told her that I did not want to see the other girls if I could see her, that she was the one in whom I was interested.

Truth be told, however, I would have been interested in any of them.

We separated and started walking away from each other. I just left her there, thinking I might be able to find her later.

My sister stepped up. As my sister and I started walking back toward my house so I could get my car and I could take her to school, I said to her, "I don't think you're supposed to go to school today."

I started running along the sidewalk ahead of her. I ran along through the yards which seemed wet as from a recent shower and I passed my hand over the wet grass and wet bushes which I passed, trying to wash off some dirt which I had on my hand.

Copyright 2012 by luciddreamer2k@gmail.com