Dream of: 04 June 2012 "Sueños"

Confucius was wrong, beauty is not in everything.

After having been riding on a bus for a while, seated in the second row from the front, I had engaged in a conversation with the black-haired girl (only 16-17 years old) sitting in the seat in front of me. After we started talking in Spanish, I asked her a question about dreaming and I used the word "sueños" several times in the conversation. She was very friendly and had a big smile on her face. We talked for a while, but unfortunately, she did not understand my Spanish well, even though another fellow who was listening to our conversation said that he could understand the way I pronounced words quite well.

The window was on my left and yet another fellow was sitting next to me on my right in the aisle seat. Since we had been traveling for a while, I wondered if I should have taken an aisle seat. I told the fellow that I felt a little cramped-in there. But the seat was still alright.

At one point the girl leaned over the seat toward me. My arm was resting on the back of the seat and when she leaned over she put her arm on mine. I tried to pull my arm out, but somehow it was crimped under hers and I couldn't seem to free it. I hoped she did not think I was trying to touch her breast - which I wasn't. I was simply trying to pull my arm out from under hers. When she finally moved so I could pull my arm away, we continued talking. I thought of putting my arm behind her back so I would be more comfortable, but I did not.

The bus finally pulled up to a second-hand thrift store and everyone climbed off. I walked into the store and started looking around until I found a little box of toys. I looked through the box, but I found nothing which interested me.

Finally I saw some oriental-looking fold-out fans hanging down from above and I started looking at those. I was interested in the fans because I thought they might have pretty pictures on them when they were spread open.

As I looked, it seemed that other people from the bus were keeping an eye on me and trying to figure out what I would like in the store. It almost seemed as if they did not know what to look for themselves and as if they valued my judgment.

After looking at five or six fans, I picked up a piece of clothing - a rather ragged top which a woman would wear over her breasts. The top had a pretty design on it of a large buck deer with large horns and an intricate design around the deer. I was also pleased to see that even the name of the place which this deer-scene represented was printed in the right lower corner of the print, even though I wasn't familiar with the name. 

Neither the fans nor the top had prices on them. I picked them all up to take to the counter and inquire about the price.

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