Dream of: 21 May 2012 "Strange"

Beware the power of imagination, but do not hesitate to use it.

While walking around a large old building, I noticed a little room off to the side with some stacks of comic books on the floor. I knelt down and started sifting through one stack and discovered that all the comics were from a series entitled "Strange." All seemed to be in brand-new condition and there seemed to be about twenty issues in the series. I thought I might be able to find all of them there. I thought this series might be a continuation of the old "Strange Tales" series and that this series also might contain stories about my favorite comic book character, Doctor Strange. Since I thought the comics were only fifty cents each, I thought I would probably buy about twenty of them.

I was interrupted, however, by a strong-looking young fellow (about 20 years old) who apparently was my brother. He was in a hurry to leave because he was worried we were going to be discovered in the building and captured. He had found a couple blonde girls (also about 20 years old) who apparently were going to help us escape. When he and the girls walked away, I began to vividly imagine what I would do if someone tried to attack me. I imagined holding some kind of gun in my hand. Then I actually saw two fellows walking toward me and I raised my imaginary gun and shot at them. Both fell to the ground.

I then realized my brother had been correct: we were under attack. I also began to realize that my brother and I were northern soldiers during the American Civil War and that we were behind enemy lines in the south. I could see men outside who were preparing to come in the house and capture or kill us. When they started entering, I commenced picking them off one by one with my imaginary gun. I figured the best gun to have would be a shotgun, so that's what I used as I blasted away at the men. Each man at whom I fired collapsed to the ground, although I never actually saw any blood or wounds. I even shot one boy who was probably only nine or ten years old. I shot one man after another until about twenty bodies were heaped up around the room.

My brother and the two girls then came downstairs from where they had been upstairs. Since I thought that some of the men whom I had killed were relatives of the girls, I was ready to also kill the girls, but my brother told me that the girls were still on our side and that they were still going to help us escape.

It looked as if the escape would be difficult. We were deep in enemy territory and we had a long way to go.

Copyright 2012 by luciddreamer2k@gmail.com