Wow.. this is soo interesting. I find it absolutely fascinating that you thought of me in connection with the swords. I absolutely love them. In fact, when studying Majjou, it was the sword that I chose to dance with.

If it was my dream, I would say that you chose the swords of light to illuminate and cleanse the area that was apparently in desperate need of cleansing and healing. Are you a healer? I would say that if you have't done so already, that you may want to look into it. It seems you have a natural ability that is screaming out for you to use..

I will have to check with Morpheus, but I feel as though the man "Steve" in your dream is familiar to me somehow, and that I may have dreamt of him before. I could be wrong.. but that's just how it feels.

Anyway.. hope you have  great day! Messenger


Messenger, I'm happy that you were pleased by your appearance in my dream. I am sure you will appear again. Probably my main goal in conjunction with the Dream Journal is to dream about the other dreamers on here. Since you are the most prolific dream writer at the moment, you're a prime candidate. Hope you don't burn out. No, I am not a "healer." Not even close. And as far as "Steve" having appeared before in your dreams - I doubt it, unless it was recently and somehow had something to do with me. And since I don't know Morpheus from Cerberus, I rather doubt the god of dreams will be able to connect somebody in my dreams with somebody in your dreams. I really think that you would be the best one to answer that question anyway. By the way, my name is Steve. As for the sword, I still have a strong connection in my mind between you and Joan of Arc. Messenger, warrior, healer, spy...not sure yet who you are. Hope to find out.


Thank you Toolbearer. But I don't think my swords, at least for me, are symbols of peace. I think they have more to do with power on the battlefield. If anything, they seem to involve accepting the responsibility of fighting. Frankly, I'm not wild about the idea myself and I sometimes wouldn't mind tilling the land. But what do you do when the sword is handed to you? I do however agree with you that it is "charming" that Toolbearer and I both relate strongly to swords. I like that word - "charming" -its perfect.


Thank you Submachiner. I have never associated tornadoes in dreams as being associated with major changes in my life, so it is interesting that both you and Toolbearer do. At last check, I have written 63 dreams in which tornados have appeared and who knows how many I didn't write. That would have been a lot of major changes! For me, it was probably more like I should be making a major change in my life, but I ignored the tornado warning. Don't know how I managed to survive this long. Seriously my dreams are filled with warnings, one after the other, and I just keep on ignoring many of them. I guess if I paid more attention to them, some major changes might take place.

Messenger. I like tornado dreams. But I have difficulty relating to your saying that they presage major changes. My tornadoes seem more like living forces that are pursing me for some reason, maybe something like the Greek furies. I will say, however, that my tornado dreams do seem to indicate that some change is called for. Occasionally I even pay attention.