Dream of: 15 June 2012 "Symbolic Crash"

learning symbolic communication is like learning to fly - sometimes you crash

I was looking at a picture which my Facebook friend Lindsey had posted on her Facebook page. To some extent, the picture seemed to be moving, as if it were a video. The picture was focused on a man and a woman who had crashed in a helicopter and who were still sitting in the mangled helicopter. They were still alive and a rescue operation was underway.

I figured the man and woman were a couple. They were probably in their 40s and unappealingly overweight. They looked like the typical indolent American couple. The way the two were pressed together in the wrecked helicopter seemed to me to symbolize the overpopulation of the world and how people were pressed together and were becoming ever more pressed together. I was unsure, but thought that might have been the point which Lindsey had been trying to make when posting the picture. It seemed as if she generally tried to make some kind of point like that with the pictures which she posted.

There were several more pictures of the helicopter incident. I thought I might look not only at the rest of the helicopter pictures, but also at every single picture which Lindsey had on her website. Then I would write her and tell her that I had looked at all the pictures. I calculated that she had posted a total of 640 pictures. I wasn't sure that I actually wanted to look at all of them, but I thought I might.

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