Dream of: 06 June 2012 "The Avengers"

Trading art is good, creating is better.

In a department store, I had found and picked up a colorful box (perhaps 20 centimeters long, with a base about 8x8 centimeters) which contained a toy of some sort. Written long-ways across the front was the word "Avengers" just the way it is written for the new movie, The Avengers. I liked the box, especially because written in black felt on the left side of the front of the box were the numbers "55" and next to the numbers, the word "Discount." Obviously the toy only cost 55 cents.

I figured that this was a toy which had been produced in conjunction with the new movie and that if the toy were in good shape, it should be worth at least $10. The box was still encased in cellophane, although the cellophane had been broken and in part was hanging off the box. It looked, however, as if the box itself had never been opened and I concluded that the complete toy must indeed be in the box. Unsure of the identity of the toy itself, I thought it might be either an action figure or a model.

As I turned the box over in my hand and examined the colorful pictures adorning the sides, I noticed that the pictures appeared to be animated. Since I assumed that the animations were scenes from the movie on which the toy in the box had been based, the animations made me wonder about the origin of the box, for I believed that the new movie had been acted by live actors and was not animated. I wondered if the producer of the box might be riding on the wave of the new movie by now selling products which had been manufactured at the time of the old animated movie.

Anyways, I decided I wanted the toy. Carrying the cellophane-cascading box to the check-out counter, I began to fret about another possible problem: Perhaps the numbers "55" might have been written by someone who had simply written the number on the box in order to obtain the box for a cheaper (albeit dishonest) price. Perhaps 55 cents was not the true price. 

I walked over to the thin black-haired woman (perhaps 35 years old) standing at the cash register.  I already knew her and we were semi-friends. I handed the box to her and she immediately began using her laser to try to read the bar-code on the box.

Fretting that the laser price would not reflect the discount price marked on the box, I pointed out the "55" on the front of the box to the cashier. Abruptly seeing the "55" she turned to her clunky intricate old-time cash register and as she went to work on it, I perceived that she was going to let me have the toy for 55 cents.

I noticed that part of the woman's face seemed a little broken out. Little ugly bumps blighted her mouth area. She was indeed a bit ugly.

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