Dream of: 25 June 2012 "Assassins"

character begins with idolization

I was riding in in the back seat of a car in which my parents were sitting in the front seat, my father behind the steering wheel, my mother on the passenger side. They were sleek assassins. Only in their 30s, dressed in fine clothes, they exuded glitz and glamour a la James Bond. I was accompanying them on a hit, on an assassination.

We were monitoring several cars which were traveling together and which contained the target. Sitting on a high plateau we watched the snazzy sports cars reach the foot of a mountain and start the assent to the top. Since we knew of a quicker route to the summit, my father took the shorter road and we reached the top before our prey.

There we reached a crossroads with roads stretching out in four directions. It looked as if each road was somehow blocked just a short way down the road. One road was blocked by a camouflage-green military truck, another by a police car, and the other two by something else.

We pulled our car up to a vantage point to the crossroads and we parked. Somewhat unsure about the openness of the location, I asked my father if he was simply "going to shoot 'em" when they went by and he answered, "Yea."

I was a bit upset because I also wanted to participate in the assassination and I had only been given a small plastic transparent gun. Although it looked more like a toy, apparently it actually was a real gun. I was able to pull the gun apart in the middle into two equal halves. I could then look at the interior which was hollow except for three brass bullets. Two were small .22 caliber bullets but the third was much larger, perhaps a .45 caliber and had a pointed head. Since I thought the gun itself was a .22 caliber, I was uncertain why the larger bullet was in the gun and whether it should even be there. When I found more .22 caliber bullets, I tried to load those into the gun by simply laying them in what looked like an inner cartridge in the gun.

At one point, my mother took the gun from me and shot straight up into the ceiling. I wasn't sure why she had done that, but I could see that she had managed to plug a hole into the ceiling. I reached my hand outside along the top of the white roof of the car, but I couldn't feel where the bullet had exited. Obviously, however, the bullet had passed through the roof.

We continued to wait for the sports cars to pass so we could assassinate the target.

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