Dream of: 26 March 2012 "Howling Wolf"


As a boy (probably in my mid teens), I was living with my family in an imposing gothic mansion, a dirty off-white color, shrouded by vines and trees, deep in the forest. To protect our family from a pack of roaming wolves, my father (probably only in his mid 30) had constructed an elaborate metal fence which surrounded not only the house, but also much of the vast estate. In fact, he had constructed a double fence - two metal fences separated from each other by perhaps a meter - which encompassed the woody estate. 

When we had returned to the house from a trip, I had been asleep and was carried into the house without being awakened. My younger brother had also been taken into the house. As I learned later, when I awoke the next morning, my father had locked the fence behind us, but he had managed to lock three or four wolves inside the fence with us. During the course of the night, the wolves had attacked my brother and killed him.

When I learned that my brother had been killed, I was horrified. I simply couldn't believe it. As my father stood outside near the fence, I took out my rage on him. I told him that I couldn't believe that he was so "stupid" to lock the wolves inside the gate instead of outside. I repeated the word "stupid" several times. Even though some people sitting on the porch of a nearby house were sadly watching us, I continued chastising my father and repeating how stupid he had been to lock the wolves inside instead of outside.

I did not know what to do. I recalled, however, that I used to be able to howl almost like a wolf and I decided I might try to call to the wolves. As the people on the neighboring porch looked on, I began trying to howl, but my voice was feeble and squeaky. Over and over I shrilly howled, with only slight improvement. Finally I cupped my hands, put them to my mouth, and howled again. The improvement was noticeable, but still I did not sound like a wolf the way I used to.