Dream of: 02 May 2012 "Unprepared"

You can never be completely prepared for disaster, but at least get dressed.

I was on board a passenger jet which was taking off. I could hear the young captain talking and I knew we were in trouble. As I looked out the window on my right I could see that the jet was losing speed and was failing the take-off. The right wing was dangerously close to some trees growing in a forested area next to the runway. Suddenly the plane simply stopped moving and fell straight to the ground.

Everyone began pilling out the door onto the ground. It looked as if the entire plane was filled with young men in their early 20s. We all scrambled away from the plane, worried that it might explode at any moment.

I regretted that I was only wearing my old blue house slippers. All the other fellows seemed to be wearing tightly laced tennis shoes or boots. I recalled that I had boarded the plane on the spur of the moment without having even taken time to put on regular shoes. Several of the other fellows appeared somewhat overweight and thus were having some difficulty running from the plane. I was in relatively good physical shape, although likewise not perfect.

When I was about a hundred meters from the plane, I thought I heard a helicopter and I figured a rescue mission was underway. But when I looked into the air, instead of a helicopter, I saw another passenger jet circling around. I was amazed that a rescue jet had reached us so quickly. We were high in the mountains and even higher mountains towered all around us.

Suddenly the other jet seemed to be having problems and I was stunned to see that it was in a nose dive headed straight toward the earth. In shock I watched the jet head straight down. I was then astounded when the jet hit the earth about twenty meters from me and I realized the jet was just a model less than a meter long. It did not even appear to be particularly damaged and I had the feeling that it had been crashed on purpose because it was carrying something which we needed.

I wasn't even sure where I was but I began to have the feeling that I was in the mountains of Nepal.

Copyright 2012 by luciddreamer2k@gmail.com