Dream of: 14 April 2012 (2) "Educational Tour"

As long as you carry the past with you, you can't leave it behind.

I was on a giant tour bus. I figured about 160 people were on board. We all belonged to some kind of class which I was attending at a university in Portsmouth, Ohio and this educational tour was in conjunction with that class. We were traveling in northern Ohio, north of Columbus and the trip was going to last for four or five days. Although I had known for a while that the trip was going to be offered, I hadn't planned to go, but had simply decided to join the tour on the spur of the moment.

My black-haired ex-wife Carolina (around 20 years old) was sitting next to me on my right. When I slipped my right arm around her waist, I could feel her bare skin at the top of her pants. I started running my fingers over her bare flesh, but she stopped me and pushed me away - she did not want me to do that in front of the other people.

To my left stretched a long row of about ten seats filled with people, ending with the female bus driver (probably in her late 20s). She abruptly called out to me and told me that I had a phone call. Seeing that she was holding a cell phone in her hand, I stood and laboriously made my way past the other people to reach her.

After I took the phone and put it to my ear, I heard my father's voice on the other end. I could barely understand him because so much static garbled his voice, but clearly he was chastising because I had left Portsmouth without telling him. Berating me, he even referenced my high school years and accused me of "slinging crack" when I had been in high school, by which I knew he was saying that I had sold crack cocaine while in high school. I knew I had never done anything like that, but I did not want to argue with him, so I simply did not say anything. He went on and on, which also bothered me because I knew I was going to be charged a dollar and a half per minute for this call. I figured I was going to have a forty or fifty dollar charge on my cell phone bill.

Meanwhile the bus was traveling through a scenic mountainous area of narrow twisty winding roads. I was impressed by how well the driver negotiated the tortuous trail which more and more seemed to be winding through lush green tropical jungle. I mentioned something to the driver about the jungle and she acknowledged that indeed we were in a jungle. I thought it strange that we would be in a jungle north of Columbus, but apparently such was the case.

Finally my father stepped off to the side and his old friend, John Roach (who died in a car wreck in 2000 at the age of 71) came on the line. Roach was friendly and I talked with him for a few minutes until my father then came back on the phone and I tried to pacify my father by telling him that I had been compelled to leave Portsmouth on the spur of the moment. He finally seemed to relax and was ready to hang up. When I said goodbye, he said, "I love you."

I said, "I love you, too."

I thought that if the bus driver had overheard any of my father's negative comments, at least she had heard me say that I loved him, so she wouldn't think that he and I were on bad terms.

I headed back down the row of seats until I reached Carolina, who was leaning back in her seat, almost as if in a recliner. I was surprised that she was completely naked and I was amazed by how gorgeous she looked, especially her radiant body and perfect breasts. Although flabbergasted that she was sitting there naked in front of everyone, I wasn't bothered because she was so beautiful. I said, "Babe, you are so hot, hot, hot."

I moved closer to her, but I did not know whether I would be able to touch her with so many people around.

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