Dream of: 16 March 2012 (2) "Survivors"


All the people in the world had died except for me and a very few others. I had already had some bad experiences with the few survivors whom I had encountered and I was trying to avoid running into any more people. I was traveling through the countryside, up high on a mountain, yet I was still wary of encountering someone. Three or four dogs had been following me and I had grown attached to them. The dogs and I had somehow become separated and I could see them far below me on the mountain side. I hollered for them and I could see them running and circling up the mountain side toward me.

As I continued my trek, I suddenly stumbled upon an abandoned helicopter which was perched on the side of a precipitous cliff. I climbed into the helicopter which looked like a large round room inside (perhaps ten meters in diameter). Suddenly the helicopter began tilting and slid over the side of the cliff. The helicopter caught on something and just hang there midair as I stared through the front window down into the valley far below. I knew if the helicopter fell, I would probably be killed. I reflected that if I only knew how to fly a helicopter perhaps I could start flying it before it hit bottom. But since I did not know how to fly it, I would probably die.

As I tried to struggle back out of the helicopter, two fellows unexpectedly climbed inside. I had no idea where they had come from. One was probably about 16-17 years old while the other was probably about 20. The older one was a thin scruffy fellow with black hair and black beard. I did not trust them and I felt threatened. Then a pretty black-haired girl (17-18 years old) dressed in a clean white dress also stepped into the helicopter. I was intrigued by the girl, but I still wanted to get out of the helicopter. I thought I might be able to find someone who could operate it and come back for it later.

The fellows seemed to be foraging through the helicopter and the younger one announced that he had found some "game pros" by Sony. Apparently he was talking about video games. I was interested. I thought we only needed gasoline to run generators and we could then play the games. I figured we should be able to find gasoline somewhere. I was somewhat wavering about leaving these newfound survivors behind.