Dream of: 14 May 2012 "Sinkhole"

Writing might well turn your sinkholes into profit.

I had bought a cottage on a remote country road somewhere close to the village of South Webster, Ohio, perhaps fifteen kilometers from Portsmouth. I had purchased the house without even knowing what it looked like inside and I had now arrived in my car to take a look at it. It sat isolated surrounded by rolling fields.

I walked into the square four-room cottage. As I proceeded, I heard someone out in front of the house and then I watched several children walk inside. I spoke with them and they informed me that they used to live in the house. I was interested because I thought they might be able to give me some information about the place. They walked around all through the house.

I walked back outside and now was surprised to see other nearby houses. Right across the street was a big building which looked like a warehouse with several people going inside. I spoke with someone who informed me that some kind of dance hall was located in the building. Apparently on Sundays before noon, local teenagers came to the building and danced. Since today was Sunday, that explained why people were entering the building. It seemed a little strange, but I simply accepted it.

Gradually more and more people showed up and some were even going into my house. I did not like the idea of people simply walking into my house, especially since quite a bit of old junk was still in the house. Two fellows even loaded up some wood and other junk from inside the house and carried it outside to a pickup truck. When I followed them outside, I thought I noticed an old electric piano-keyboard in the junk they were carrying. I did not want to be mean to anyone, since I knew that they could damage the house when I wasn't there, but I did not want them carrying stuff out of the house without even asking for it. Even though I did not see anything there that I really cared about, I told the two fellows not to take anything else.

When I walked back inside, I found my father (only about 50 years old) standing there. He was wearing a dark red sweater. I now recalled that the house was actually in his name, although I was in charge of it. We had paid practically nothing for the house, perhaps $1,000.

As I again walked through the house, I realized that it was in much worse shape than I had originally thought. The wood floor in the back bedroom was extremely uneven and warped. Part of the floor was even missing. Obviously I would have to tear up the entire floor and replace it. The wooden flooring in another room was thin and breaking apart. Obviously it would also need to be replaced.

Finally I realized that the house did not even have a bathroom. I would have to also install a bathroom and I did not even know where I would place it.

I was starting to become discouraged and I thought I might simply abandon the place.

Abruptly I noticed that water was gushing up along the baseboard on one side of a room. I walked outside to determine where the water was coming from and right next to the house I found a hole about a meter in diameter with water gushing up out of it. The water suddenly stopped and started receding down the hole. I stepped up to the edge of the hole and looked down into it. The slanting sinkhole was four or five meters deep and at the bottom was a stream of water. It looked as if the water might gush back up again.

I hoped we were not going to be charged for this water. The city should have turned off the water service to the house, but I still thought the water might somehow be coming from our water line. Hopefully the water was coming from a main line not connected to our house.

I walked back inside to fetch my father and show him what I had found. I told him I would like to get rid of the place as fast as I could. I usually did not make a mistake when I bought a house, but apparently I had made one when I had bought this one. This house was simply too far gone. My father really wasn't concerned and he was simply leaving it up to me to do whatever I wanted with the house.

Suddenly, however, I realized that the fellow to whom I was talking wasn't my father at all, but a younger fellow (around 30 years old) who was wearing the same kind of sweater that my father had been wearing. Surprisingly, the fellow was interested in buying the house I immediately realized that I shouldn't have been saying anything derogatory about the house, but apparently he hadn't been paying attention to anything I had been saying anyway.

He clearly wanted to buy the house. I was happy when he asked me what I would take for it. Since I was at the point where I was practically willing to give the thing away, I did not want to give him a price, so I asked him to tell me what he would pay for it. He said he needed a minute to think about it and he walked over to the side. I watched him start counting on his fingers. It looked as if he held out five, then six fingers. I thought he was going to offer me five or six thousand dollars, which I would be very happy to accept. If we reached agreement, I would need to know how much he could put down right now. I would try to get at least $500 down. That was definitely what I wanted to do. I could write up a contract right there on the spot to tie the deal down. In order to make the agreement binding, I knew I needed to put it in writing.

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